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Halloween Questlines

2018-10-26 at 9:24 PM - Siver
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After the release of the Halloween Event with Hallow Island on thursday, we've been gathering lots of informations and have created a a guide for the questlines in english and german. Many hidden items, cool quests and breathtaking Stories are awaiting you in this event. We from RP had lots of fun playing the Halloween Event and in our opinion Pokéone created a huge masterpiece of an event. Please bring us more like these!!!

The questline is divided into:

-Hollow Island Mainquest
-Hollow Island Sidquests
-Harry Potter Questline

You can access it by opening the navigation above: go to Pokéone, then Guides and it will be shown as Halloween Event. Or just click here. If you find mistakes please contact us. Have fun with the Halloween Event!

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