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What's next in PokéOne: Battle Frontier, PvP, Unova, Anti Cheat, Android

2018-11-17 at 9:37 AM - Siver
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A while ago we had an interview with Xanatus, which led to new exciting information about the new updates. It concerns game changing additions and innovations, like alternatives to farm gold, Unova, a new anticheat-system and more endgame content for PvP and PvE

The battle frontier has been completed to 95% already and will bring extensive tasks, which can be done there. Therefore the battle frontier will become a place to farm Pokégold. Furthermore, it's confirmed that raids aren't worked on currently, since it's way too complicated and will take too much time to complete.

The PvP-system is almost completed, which might bring joy to all the PvP players in the community. Rankedladder will be in 1v1 or 2v2. Each season, the rules will be created in union with the community, so there will always be space for more improvements. This will also be a possibility to farm some gold. Furthermore, there will be weekly and monthly PvP quests, which got the requirement to take a specific Pokémon in the team and use it for a certain amount of time, or have a specific type of Pokémon in your team. Your winning streak will also have an impact, so try hard!

There's still no eta for Unova, but there are already tester, which are working on the map. They are pushing the completion vigorously! Also, very impactful is the news about a planned game+ mode for Unova. This means you can play through Unova (the story, trainers and quests) again and again, but there will be less Pokédollar and trainer experience. It will still be a fast opportunity to farm both!

The developers of Pokéone spend more than a week of work on the creation of a new anticheat-system. This is a new step into a more fair player experience!

Shane is working on an android version of Pokéone! It isn't for sure that it will work out as intended, since there are a lot of different systems on android. At least they're testing it. Let's hope that it will work out!

There will only be a small event, since the developers are focusing on the listed things. Otherwise, they wouldn't make progress. This shouldn't be a problem, because new content is already waiting for us!

A very big thanks goes to Xanatus for sharing this information with us! Thanks a lot!

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