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PokéOne Challenger League opens its gates

2018-11-23 at 11:55 AM - Siver
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Hello guys, today will start the new Challenger League for Pokéone, where you can prove your PvP knowledge and skills. It will start with a matchmaking (MM) mode in a 1vs1 format with 6 Pokémon per team.

They created a Bot (PokeLeague) specifically for this reason, who executes the whole search-function and match distribution. The project was created 1 ½ months ago, and got planed and realized by LovingQ, Monokuma, Raven, Nitz, Pharaoh, Papabeer and Dalek. The bot is working very well, and assigns an opponent very quickly. This is a very nice PokéOne Community project you have to check out for yourself. You might want to take a look and tell us about your opinion concerning it.
Click here to get access to the Discord server of the Challenger League.

What are the requirements to participate?
- Discord (the whole league will be hosted via discord)
- 25000 Pokedollar is the monthly contribution, so that a big price pool comes into being.
- PvP Team for PokéOne
- Motivation and fun in doing PvP

How to registrate for the league?
1. Join the discord of the Challenger League.
2. Private message a moderator, to notify them of your participation.
3. Depose the 25000 Pokedollar of participation fees.
4. You get the participant-role on the server and you’ll be able to use the bot.

What are the rules? ∨∧

General Rules
1. All Pokemon with 601+ Base Stats are banned in the Ranked ladder. (With the exception of Slaking) Screenshots evidence is required.
banned pokemons: aegislash

2. Time stalling is forbidden. (Time Stalling =/= Stalling, using repetitive moves is allowed) Video evidence is required.

3. Placing a Status Condition (Poison, Burn, Paralysis, Sleep, Freeze) on your Pokemon before a Ranked battle is prohibited. Video evidence is required.

4. Intentionally boost the rating of another account, in any way, is forbidden, and action will be taken if caught.

5. The use of the ability Shadow Tag and Arena Trap is prohibited in Ranked PvP. Screenshots evidence is required.

6. You can use only 1 of your own accounts to PvP within each season. Using any account you do not rightfully own, or using more than 1 account, will result in heavy punishment.

7. Forcing players to disconnect from a Ranked Battle with false information will lead to punishment.

8. When you want to surrender PM your opponent and say : I'm surrendering . Screenshot evidence required

OHKO Clause: OHKO Moves (Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, and Sheer Cold) are disallowed in the Ranked ladder. Screenshot evidence is required.

Species Clause: The same two Pokemon should not be on the same team. Video evidence is required.

Sleep Clause: If you have already put a Pokemon on your opponent's side to sleep, and it is still sleeping, you cannot put another one to sleep.
This rules is not induced by self-sleep inducing moves, such as Rest.
Regarding Natural Cure- Two Pokemon can be put to sleep if, and only if, the first Pokemon has Natural Cure (The reverse order would violate the clause as the Natural Cure Pokemon would be on the field asleep with an additional Pokemon being asleep in the party). If you assume a Pokemon has Natural Cure and you are wrong, then you risk being punished for violation.

Baton Pass Clause: A Pokemon cannot pass +Speed and another stat simultaneously. You are limited to have only one Baton Pass Pokemon per team. Video evidence is required.

Evasion Clause: A Pokemon may not have +Evasion or -Accuracy moves in its moveset. Using +Evasion moves or -Accuracy reduction moves are forbidden. Screenshot evidence is required.

Swagger Clause: The usage of the move Swagger is forbidden. Screenshot evidence is required.
List of moves:
Acupressure, Double Team, Flash, Kinesis, Leaf Tornado, Minimize, Mirror Shot, Mud Bomb, Mud-Slap, Muddy Water, Night Daze, Octazooka, Sand Attack, Secret Power, Smokescreen

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