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Happy Easter, PokéOne with easter event!

Happy Easter and a happy Sunday. PokéOne cheers us up with an Easter event. Everywhere in the world of PokéOne there are eggs hidden and you have to look for them. Alolan Pokémons hatch out of the eggs. Of course we also have a guide for you so you don't have to waste a lot of time.

You'll have to find 10 eggs in the world of PokéOne spread over many different places like Route 41 or the Battle Tower, but you can read the locations "here in Guide".

One Bunnelby comes from the eggs and only Alolan Pokémon can hatch from the other 9. All Alolan Pokémon are possible so pray for the RNG God good luck!

In our PokéDex all Alolan Pokémon are now included. you can find him "here".

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