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Namechange to "Pokéone Community"

Hey fellow trainers, as you already know, we decided some months ago to disband the Rising Phoenix guild, in order to focus entirely on the community projects we’ve been working on. Now we are trying to gain new momentum for the website, by changing its name into „Pokéone Community“ as well as introducing a new appropriate logo.

We believe that this will represent us even better. We are a community for all Pokéone enthusiasts that provides you with guides, news and content, so that your game experience is even more enjoyable! Thus a friendlier name and logo will identify better with what we are.
This means that „Pokéone Community“ exists for your benefit; we’d love to hear feedback of any kind and we welcome with open arms anybody who’d like to support our projects. As we work on each of these projects voluntarily, we’re dependant of all the help we can get. So don’t hesitate to message a member of our team if you’re motivated to lend a helping hand!
Below you can see our reworked Logo:

We wish you guys some more fun playing Pokéone,
sincerely your Pokéone Community team.

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