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PokéOne Community Hunting Event

Hello PokéOne players, our next event as promised would be PvE Event. Due to the minimal of stuffs we can do for in-game as for now, we can only manage to do hunting event as a lot of players do enjoy it and had a good amount of votes and feedback.

How will it work?

We will announce it on stream on which Pokémon is being hunted also with the details. The first person that caught the Pokémon will PM us immediately in-game with of course the Nature and Ability we desire and win the prize. However, you also needed to prove us with your OT in sync with your IGN and also caught date.

If you obtain a shiny version of it, Nature and Ability will not matter in this case but follow by the same steps of showing us the caught date and OT you will be immediately announced as the winner with a different prize. (Note : If we recieve 2 PMs or more, we will only take the first person which is at the bottom of the stacked PM.)

We'll hunt a total of 6 different Pokémon in terms of Easy, Intermediate, Hard and Hell.
These terms are base on the spawnrate and difficulty. But in this event, we plan to only do 3 easy, 2 intermediate and 1 hard. As it would be time consuming but we will see how it goes.

Date and Time
Friday 5th July, Saturday 6th July
6PM EST, Friday
7PM BRT, Friday
11PM GMT +1, Friday
12AM GMT +2, Saturday
6AM GMT +8, Saturday
8AM GMT + 10, Saturday
(Note: These timing are base on your country timezone.)

Second Hunting Event
Sunday 7th July
6AM EST, Sunday
7AM BRT, Sunday
11AM GMT +1, Sunday
12PM GMT + 2, Sunday
6PM GMT +8, Sunday
8PM GMT +10, Sunday

We are looking forward to every participant. Everyone is welcome! We wish you all the best of luck and have fun, may the RNG God be in your favour. There will also be giveaways throughout the Event and Stream.

The Winner:

Community Hunting #1:

Community Hunting #2:

Link: PokéOne Community Event Discord - PokéOne Community Youtube - PokéOne Community Twitch

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