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Patch Notes 16.08.19

The developers of PokéOne have uploaded an update on Friday 16.08.19. Some PvP bugs have been fixed. Also, a Pokémon has been banned in the 2vs2 ladder. In this news you can read everything about the new update.

Unfortunately we cannot announce Einall also this time again. We're all waiting, so don't stress the developers, they work as fast as they can! Despite this there were some interesting changes in the patch.

The search function for the backpack has been revised again and it is now possible to search for attacks TM/HM´s by name. Some new clothes and mounts have been added to the coin shop (but not yet to the lootboxes).

Here a few examples, you will find all ingame in the Coin-Shop

A new message has also been added for Rerolling. If you are not yet Trainerlevel 70, you will now see "Level 70 (any region) is required to change IV´s of a traded Pokemon" instead of "You can not afford to Reroll IVs".

And finally, we'll look at the changes in PvP. Here were some changes for the Doubles. Once Relaxo was banned from the ladder. Here the reason from PvP Council: decision of Pvp Council The sleep clause was also removed from the double ladder, the doubles works the same as VGC. Also the bug for receiving multiple PvP rewards should have been fixed from now on!

All other minor changes can be found in the patch notes.

Patch Notes ∨∧

  • fixed a rare bug that allowed receiving pvp rewards twice
  • fixed a battle freeze bug with rotation battles
  • new skins & mounts (currently shop only, not in boxes)
  • coded burmy & warmadam forms to work as expected. (2d sprites show always grass at the moment, will be fixed later)
  • Freeze clause disabled in doubles ladder.
  • Snorlax banned in doubles ladder ONLY (: decision of Pvp Council
  • Fixed a bug that allowed certain illegal HA pokes to be used in ranked matches. (eg. unaware clefable with softboiled)
  • Sometimes you got stuck if a party member went into battle, just as you were exiting one or something I think, anyhow this should be fixed.
  • You can now search names of moves in the inventory to find HM/TMs
  • A bunch of new clothing items & mounts
  • There will be a message if you are not level 70 and try to reset IVs on a Pokemon that isn't your OT now, instead of saying "You can not afford to Reroll IVs".
  • various game client performance increases.
  • Fixed memory leak
  • Various backend stuff, for future content.

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