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Images Name Daytime Encounter method Rarity Notes
Ekans -
Spearow -
Rattata -
Sandshrew -
Mankey -

Images Name Daytime Rarity Notes
Hoothoot -
Pineco -
Linoone -
Bidoof -
Wurmple -

Icon Name Info Cat.
Potion East of Yin and Yang, behind the tree. Medicine
Potion Grass patch south of Npc Turner Medicine
Great Ball Hidden, rock behind tree at center of route. Pokeballs
Persim Berry Hidden in a rock, center north of route. Berries
TM05 Roar West of Npc Valerie. Machines
Lum Berry tree Hold items

Mega Kick 5000  50 Gold
Mega Punch 5000  50 Gold