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Tutor Abe

Cat. Move Tutor
Description Abe is a Move Tutor you can find at the Battle Frontier in Johto. He teaches you different moves but only takes as payment Battle Points that you have to earn in the different facilities.
Location Battle Frontier
Region Johto

Available Moves

Block 32 Battle Points

Gravity 32 Battle Points

Heal Bell 48 Battle Points

Helping Hand 40 Battle Points

Last Resort 48 Battle Points

Magic Coat 32 Battle Points

Magnet Rise 40 Battle Points

Role Play 48 Battle Points

Snore 32 Battle Points

Spite 40 Battle Points

Stealth Rock 100 Battle Points

String Shot 32 Battle Points

Swift 40 Battle Points

Synthesis 40 Battle Points

Tailwind 48 Battle Points

Uproar 48 Battle Points

Worry Seed 32 Battle Points