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Master Move Tutor (Green Shards)

Cat. Move Tutor
Description The Master Move Tutor, you can find at the Nacrene City in Unova. He teaches you different moves but only takes as payment Green Shards.
Location Nacrene City
Region Unova

Available Moves

After You Green Shard

Endeavor 12 Green Shard

Gastro Acid Green Shard

Helping Hand Green Shard

Magic Room Green Shard

Outrage 10 Green Shard

Recycle 10 Green Shard

Skill Swap 12 Green Shard

Sleep Talk 12 Green Shard

Snatch 12 Green Shard

Spite Green Shard

Stealth Rock 10 Green Shard

Trick 10 Green Shard

Wonder Room Green Shard

Worry Seed Green Shard