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Cat. Boss
Description Ash the protagonist from the Animes is a boss in Pokeone. You can find him on the Mt. Silver Summit. Ash drops many rare items like metal coat.

Team Selection

Ash's teams are chosen as follows: one of the 3 Pikachu's from Team 1 and 5 other Pokémon from the Team 2 list. Once you have Ash's Pokemon 100+, one of the Mega Forms will be added.
Location Mt. Silver Summit
Region Kanto

General Information

Requirement Finished Kanto or Johto story


Pokedoller   2500 - 10000
Gold   10 - 100
EXP 250 - 350
Items   Gold Box Small ,   Hidden Ability+ Buff Hour,   Shiny Buff Hour,   Dawn Stone,   Old Amber,   Metal Coat,   Focus Band,   Shell Bell,   Light Ball,   Magnet,   Poison Barb,   TM79 Frost Breath,   TM78 Bulldoze,   TM64 Explosion,   TM62 Acrobatics,   TM60 Quash,   TM34 Sludge Wave,   TM50 Overheat,   TM23 Smack Down,   TM36 Sludge Bomb,   Jade Orb,   TM14 Blizzard,   Star Piece,   Rare Bone,   Reroll Token,   Premier Ball,   Cherish Ball,   Tamato Berry,   Hondew Berry,   Grepa Berry,   Sitrus Berry,   Salac Berry,   Coba Berry,   Charti Berry,   Chople Berry,   Occa Berry,   Durin Berry,   Super Repel,   Max Repel,

Pokemon Boss Team 1

Pokemon Nature Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Pikachu Jolly Focus Punch Knock Off Volt Tackle Extreme Speed
Pikachu Timid Nasty Plot Thunderbolt Grass Knot Hidden Power Ice
Pikachu Lonely Knock Off Extreme Speed Thunderbolt Surf

Pokemon Boss Team 2

Pokemon Nature Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Heracross Jolly Megahorn Knock Off Facade Close Combat
Pidgeot Jolly Brave Bird U-turn Pursuit Roost
Gyarados Impish Dragon Tail Stone Edge Bounce Dragon Dance
Snorlax Careful Ice Punch Dynamic Punch Crunch Body Slam
Kingler Jolly Swords Dance Liquidation Knock Off X-Scissor
Lapras Modest Freeze-Dry Hydro Pump Ice Beam Blizzard
Feraligatr Jolly Dragon Dance Liquidation Ice Punch Crunch
Typhlosion Timid Eruption Focus Blast Fire Blast Solar Beam
Meganium Calm Synthesis Leech Seed Energy Ball Toxic
Venusaur Bold Synthesis Grass Knot Leech Seed Sludge Bomb
Charizard Timid Roost Focus Blast Air Slash Fire Blast
Blastoise Modest Hydro Pump Ice Beam Water Spout Scald

Pokemon Boss Team 3

Pokemon Nature Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4
Mega Gyarados Adamant Crunch Dragon Dance Waterfall Bounce
Mega Venusaur Modest Knock Off Synthesis Sludge Bomb Giga Drain
Charizard Mega X Jolly Roost Dragon Claw Flare Blitz Dragon Dance
Charizard Mega Y Timid Roost Focus Blast Solar Beam Flamethrower
Mega Blastoise Modest Scald Dark Pulse Ice Beam Aura Sphere
Mega Pidgeot Timid Roost U-turn Heat Wave Hurricane
Mega Heracross Adamant Swords Dance Rock Blast Pin Missile Close Combat