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Icon Name Cat. Info
Arnie Vendor
Ash Boss
Ash the protagonist from the Animes is a boss in Pokeone. You can find him on the Mt. Silver Summit. Ash drops many rare items like metal coat.
Battle Buddy Vendor
Battle Collection (Goldenrod) Vendor
Battle Collection (U9) Vendor
Billionaire Maniac Item Maniac
Chairman Connor Vendor
Cheren Boss
Corgar Move Tutor
Corgar is teaching your Pokemon attack Draco Meteor.
Counter Jace Move Tutor
Counter Jace will teach your Pokemon the attack counter.
Cynthia Boss
Diggy Move Tutor
Diggy is teaching your Pokemon attack Substitutes.
Dowzie Move Tutor
Drowzie Teach your Pokemon the attack Dream Eater.
Dr. Ero Move Tutor
Dr Ero Teach your Pokemon the attack Seismic Toss.
Dr. Sophie Move Tutor
Dr. Sophie is teaching your Pokemon the attack Metronome.
Edwin Trader
Trade Raichu for Electrode
Farmer Fred (Driftveil) Vendor
Farmer Fred (Moomoo Farm) Vendor
Fighter Frank Vendor
Fighter Frido Vendor