Guild Rules

§ 1 Overall rules

All the following rules apply for the guild and its members. By joining the guild you accept those rules. The guild leading team is allowed to make acceptions from the rules if its in the guilds favour, but those will be decided individually for every case. To join you need to be at least 16 years old. Exception are made depending on the applicants behaviour, but should not be lower then the age given in PokeOne's terms and conditions.

§ 2 Behaviour

Overall we expect the members to follow the PokeOne general terms and conditions aswell as the forum rules given by PokeOne staff. Using forbidden exploits or hacks will lead to exclusion from the guild aswell as selling ingame property for real money.

§ 3 Racism

Explaining itself we dont support racist behaviour, nicknames, photos etc. and exclude people doing it from the guild.

§ 4 Community

We expect a friendly and respectful behaviour towards guild members. Especially towards younger people we don't want to see inappropriate choice of words. Although we of course want to have fun and humour dont take it too far since we all are human and you might hurt someone else. Please stay respectful at any point to keep the game fun. This also applies towards other guilds since you never know who to work with in the future.

§ 5 Voice channel

The usage of the voice channel is free to everyone although we want to see as many from you as possible to get to know each other.

The conversations might be private therefore leaking information is prohibited.

To avoid general problems try to take care of others. This contains things like not talking into someone elses sentences, no background noises or coming there drunk.

§ 6 Behaviour apart the guild

You should have the same respect you have towards guildmates towards every other player. As a part of our guild you represent us.

§ 7 Solving problems

From time to time everyone might get into conflicts and our aim is to solve those in respectful way. We are all human and make mistakes but after all its a game. If you cant solve a problem yourself ask the guild leading team for help. It is in our favour to solve those peacefully but if not possible force a decision to solve it.