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Nickname Message Date
Siver nope :( 2020-06-03
tochi is there any chance to get manual patch? 2020-06-02
Oroerpro_Yt que 2020-06-02
ShadyPlays you must create an account on the game 2020-05-28
alejandro091006 Siver 2020-05-26
Siver yes in the right lower cornor 2020-05-26
tochi what day? what time? 2020-05-26
tochi is there any info abaout server time? 2020-05-26
Siver with the verification code there was some problems but should fixed register a new account or try to send the code again to your e-mail 2020-05-25
tochi try to register in the game not in the web 2020-05-25
leoho kj 2020-05-25
eltonvdg Should i try to find other game ? Think like no one could help ! 2020-05-24
eltonvdg I don't received my verification code yet, so i can't play the game. 2020-05-24
kickazz911 Cant join the game it says invalid nick or pass and im 100%sure that i tiped 2020-05-24
stillframe3 Im not getting my registration email for over 8houres :( 2020-05-24
eltonvdg Alguém que responda por aí ? 2020-05-24
Thufan Hey 2020-05-24
DBZLEO gsgdsdgs 2020-05-23
Bekasz <3 2020-05-23
Bekasz estou com problemas para entrar 2020-05-23