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Nickname Message Date
EspeonGaming Make sure you use Gmail or any tempmail. GMX / Outlook and WEB aren't working. 2020-10-26
Regnier i'm new and can't enter to the game, said invalid username or password 2020-10-26
Regnier can't enter to the game, said invalid username or password 2020-10-26
Haki28 i recieve no email to authenticate ? :( so i cant play the game 2020-10-25
Arty2001 I can't login in the game 2020-10-21
PiscesGamer97 Is login for the game down? I just got this game and can't even get in... 2020-10-21
7even can't log in game 2020-10-19
Siver nope 2020-10-16
CNR13 Is there maintenance in the game? Stuck while flying to another city, black scre 2020-10-15
MikanChan AkaiKarasu, the this website is not connected to the game, 2020-10-13
Cecil646 Can it please fucking work? I can't even get into the game and I have an account 2020-10-11
rise16 Karen 2020-10-10
ReL542 i just registered but the game dont let me log in. 2020-10-09
Dave31 I already have an account but when I try to login I stock in downloading map 2020-10-09
YeFeng the hallow island event end wich day? 2020-10-06
JMLGames2002 i can't download pokeone community if i click on it there is nothing happend 2020-10-03
Karen Não consigo entrar no jogo, só no funciona no saite 2020-10-02
Hammaduddin 2020-10-02
Jish Didn't receive verification email 2020-09-30