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Nickname Message Date
Siver hi 2019-12-15
Tonydc "Hi" 2019-12-14
Goddess Hello everyone hope to play together with everyone with peace and fun 2019-12-14
Siver heyo 2019-12-06
Styg1aN heyo 2019-12-06
Siver 1/4096 2019-12-02
Lusitan what is the shiny rate? 2019-12-02
Siver @psychoCha1n i updated all links today 2019-11-22
PsychoCha1n The link for the pokeone Android app is not working 2019-11-22
AnshBagchi i searched on google but it isn't showing for phones 2019-11-21
AnshBagchi it needs intel core i 3 but i have intel atom so what processor i need for phone 2019-11-21
AnshBagchi when i check the requirement ro download pokeone on pc i saw 2019-11-21
Dibz Oh this is so cool, sorry, was just curious. Hi everyone! 2019-11-21
Dibz what dis 2019-11-21
AnshBagchi Okay 2019-11-20
Siver yes u can catch all Legendaries with 600 basepower or under all other are bosses or quest pokemon. In moment u can play Kanto and Johto but Unova is shortly in front of release. 2019-11-19
AnshBagchi (3) How many Regions are there? 2019-11-19
AnshBagchi (1) can i catch Legendaries? (2) Is the any Ultra Beast 2019-11-19
AnshBagchi i know where is downloads option but i have some questions before downloading 2019-11-19
Siver u can find it under media -> downloads 2019-11-18