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Nickname Message Date
234pale Ok 2019-12-28
36xx server locked? 2020-09-22
7even can't log in game 2020-10-19
7hypno7 how to play this game 2020-07-08
A5MOD3U5 A5MOD3U5#9443 2019-09-05
Aaryion Tem para Android? 2019-12-28
aashish12345 HOW DO I PLAY IT 2020-06-19
Adamolosoknr99 Xddddd 2020-05-10
airkiller hello 2019-10-08
AkaiKarasu I just created an acc and it does work for the website but the game keeps 2020-09-30
AkaiKarasu I cant log in in the game, only works for the website 2020-09-30
alejandro091006 Siver 2020-05-26
AlexFolinho Hopping to win Dragonite xD 2019-10-02
Alpishon The model for Alolan Raichu in the pokedex is the shiny form. Just fyi! 2020-03-01
Annawen ayuda con el codigo plz 2020-04-10
AnshBagchi Hello i am new to PokeOne i am gonna download it 2019-11-18
AnshBagchi i know where is downloads option but i have some questions before downloading 2019-11-19
AnshBagchi (1) can i catch Legendaries? (2) Is the any Ultra Beast 2019-11-19
AnshBagchi (3) How many Regions are there? 2019-11-19
AnshBagchi Okay 2019-11-20