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Nickname Message Date
A5MOD3U5 A5MOD3U5#9443 2019-09-05
blazem14 Discord Tag: xjacobadobo #9999 in game name: blazem14 2019-09-05
blazem14 Discord Tag: xjacobadobo #9999 2019-09-05
Siver yes! u can see the hidden ability in our pokedex 2019-08-30
Auriosh hey, this game have hidden ability? 2019-08-29
Octalon :-) 2019-07-22
Siver <3 2019-07-22
Shane Shoutoutssssss =3 i love you guys 2019-07-22
RS97 according to the PokeOne website, may you forgot to mention it 2019-06-02
RS97 I read that Burmy should also be aviable on headbutt at R38 2019-06-02
Siver u need to whitelist the folder and exe Pokeone and Launcher 2019-04-10
Leeman281330 It deleted itself 2019-04-09
Leeman281330 I can’t get into the pokéone discord server 2019-04-09
Siver easyer way is forum or discord 2019-04-09
Siver how u start pokeone with launcher or direct 2019-04-09
Silver Blacke hey um it says the game is out of date 2019-04-09
nikitax69 hello help me please 2019-04-02
Siver U need to whitelist Pokeone and his folder in ur Antivirus and Firewall 2019-03-24
xerverinyo please help wen i try to open pokeone it says failed to load il2cpp what is that 2019-03-24
Siver 2019-03-15