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Little Cup #1 Wolve vs DieSeeKuh Semi Fi

In this video we present you the Semi Final of the little Tourney between Wolve and DieSeeKuh. Hope you enjoy the video.

Mobile Client for Smartphones and Tablet

In this video we want to introduce you to the new mobile version for Android. We'll go into some of the features and introduce you to the client. To download the Android APK file you have to join the PokéOne discord. In the Channel #new-test-client you can then download the APK file. Pokeone Discord:

Tournament Quali Final Wolve vs MathieuM

In this video we present you the the final battle for qualification #2 between Wolve and MathieuMa. Hope you enjoy the video.

PokéOne the ultimate Team Building Part

Here you can find more information about building a Pokémon Pvp Team. And deepen your experience as you build a strong team Part2

PokéOne the Ultimate Team Building Part

Hier könnt ihr euch genauere Information zum Bauen eines Pokémon Pvp Team angucken. Und eure Erfahrungen vertiefen wie ihr ein starkes Team bauen.

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