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Johto Bosses

Location: Waterfall Cave (Whirl Islands)
Requirements: All Johto Gym badges. Also requires you to have both the Rainbow Wing and Clear Bell.
Level: 70 – 113

  • Exp: 200 – 375
  • Pokedollar: $1,000 – $7,500
  • Gold: 10 – 75
  • Items: Carbos, Air Balloon, Blue Shard, Big Mushroom, Muscle Wing, Green Apricorn, Red Apricorn, EV Training + Hour Buff, Cell Battery, Red Shard, Swift Wing, Health Wing, Yellow Apricorn, Super Repel, Reroll Token, Trainer Exp+ Hour Buff, Flame Orb, Ether, Clever Wing, Premier Ball, Blue Apricorn, Max Repel, Gold Box Small, Dragon Scale, Big Pearl, PP Max, Genius Wing, Cherish Ball, White Apricorn, Calcium, Binding Band, Big Nugget, Rare Candy, Resist Wing, Pink Apricorn, Black Apricorn, Jade Orb.

Ho-Oh has 3 different moveset; one specializes in physical attacks the second specializes in special attacks and the third is defensive to wall a lot. Each one is randomly chosen every day. Ho-oh can be defeated once per day. You can battle it again after reset.




Cen Cetch Ho-oh
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