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Individual Values

Individual Values (IVs) are hidden values unique to each Pokémon that affect how its stats grow. At level 100, each IV point adds one stat point to the corresponding stat. For example, a Pokémon with an Attack IV of 31 will have an Attack stat that is 31 points higher than if its Attack IV were 0.

Hidden Power’s type is determined by the combination of the individual values for certain stats that are odd or even. There are multiple combinations that are considered “Perfect Hidden Power.” You can also use a Hidden Power calculator to figure out what your Pokémon’s Hidden Power type will be.

You can reroll IVs at the cost of $10,000. Additionally, you can use Reroll Tokens to lock an IV so that it won’t get rerolled. This system is to supplement the absence of breeding in Pokéone. This mechanic is very expensive and should only be considered in the endgame MMO aspect of Pokéone.

Effort Values

Effort Values (EVs) are points gained by a Pokémon through battling. Each Pokémon has a total limit of 510 EVs that it can accumulate, with a maximum of 252 EVs in a single stat. Every 4 EVs in a stat increase that stat by 1 point at level 100. For example, if a Pokémon has 252 Attack EVs, its Attack stat will be boosted by 63 points at level 100.




A Pokémon’s nature boosts one stat by 10% while hindering another by 10%. The key is to match the nature of your Pokémon with its strengths and weaknesses. There are 5 neutral natures in the case where the same stat is increased and decreased. The table below will show which effects each nature has on your Pokémon’s stats:

Which nature should you choose?

  • Identify whether your Pokémon is primarily a physical attacker, special attacker, or a mixed attacker:

    Understanding your Pokémon’s attacking focus (physical, special, or mixed) helps you choose the Nature that enhances its key offensive stat. For physical attackers, boost Attack or Speed and decrease Special Attack. For special attackers, boost Special Attack or Speed and decrease Attack. For mixed attackers, prioritize the more crucial attacking stat or speed.

  • Power, Speed, or Bulk:

    You can choose Power for maximizing damage output, Speed for outpacing opponents, and Bulk for survivability on the battlefield.

The Pokémon Community website often has an extensive Pokédex section that includes information on each Pokémon’s base stats, abilities, and suggested movesets. If you can’t find the moveset information for your Pokemon on the Pokémon Community website, Smogon is an excellent resource for competitive Pokémon information. Smogon is known for its detailed analyses, competitive strategies, and suggested movesets for a wide range of Pokémon.

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