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Johto Bounties

Azalea Town

Defeat Oddish in Ilex Forest Defeat Oddish24-30285-380
Defeat Paras in Ilex Forest Defeat Paras30600
Defeat Weedle/Caterpie in Ilex Forest Defeat Weedle/Caterpie25-45350-630
Defeat Slowpoke In Slowpoke WellDefeat Slowpoke20-30200-300
Defeat Zubat In Slowpoke WellDefeat Zubat 30-40450-600
Use your Old Rod in Slowpoke WellOld Rod Fishing25-35375-525
Defeat Pokemon on Route 33Defeat Pokemon20-40280-560

Blackthorn City

Challenge Erik on Route 45Challenge Erik40400
Challenge Kelly on Route 45Challenge Kelly40400
Challenge Kenji on Route 45Challenge Kenji 40400
Challenge Quentin on Route 45 Challenge Quentin40400
Challenge Kobe in Dragons Den Challenge Kobe40400
Defeat Gligar on Route 45 Defeat Gligar60600
Defeat Geodude/Graveler on Route 45 Defeat Geodude/Graveler24400
Defeat Magikarp on Route 45Scales of Magikarp721200
Defeat Dratini to Collect ScalesDratini’s Scales15-25165-275
Use Super Rod around Blackthorn City Super Rod Fishing20-35220-385

Cherrygrove City

Challenge Don on Route 30Challenge Don30300
Challenge Joey on Route 30Challenge Joey 30 300
Challenge Mikey on Route 30 Challenge Mikey 30300
Berries from Pidgey (R.30)Berries and Pidgey10-15100-150
Defeat Bug Pokemon on Route 30 Defeat Bugs20-40175-350
Defeeat Pokemon on Route 31Defeat Pokemon24-48240-480
Defeat Sentret on Route 29Defeat Sentret 15-25180-300
Get Feathers from Hoothoot on Route 29 Feathers from Hoothoot16-32160-320

Ecruteak City

Challenge Alan on Route 36Challenge Alan 30300
Challenge Greg on Route 36Challenge Greg30 300
Challenge Callie on Route 37 Challenge Callie30 300
Challenge Dana on Route 38 Challenge Dana40400
Challenge Toby on Route 38 Challenge Toby 40400
Challenge Harry on Route 38 Challenge Harry 40400
Challenge Dick in Burned TowerChallenge Dick 30300
Gather Feathers on Route 37 Pokemon Feathers25-50250-500
Defeat Stanter on Route 37Defeat Stantler40-48450-540
Defeat Koffing in Burned TowerDefeat Koffing25-35350-490
Defeat Vulpix/Growlithe on Route 36/37Defeat Vulpix/Growlithe40-60300-450

Goldenrod City

Challenge Brandon on Route 34Challenge Brandon35350
Challenge Samuel on Route 34Challenge Samuel 35350
Challenge Arnie on Route 35Challenge Arnie35350
Challenge Bryan on Route 35Challenge Bryan 35350
Challenge Ivan on Route 35Challenge Ivan35350
Defeat Rattata on Route 34Defeat Rattata 30-45300-450
Defeat Nidoran on Route 35Defeat Nidoran30-50270-450
Surf and Defeat Tentacool on Route 34Surf Cool, Tentacool24-32255-340
Get Spoons from Drowzee on Route 34Spoons From Drowzee40480
Use Your Old Rod on Route 34 Fishing Pokemon24-32225-300

Mahogany Town

Challenge Benjamin on Route 42Challenge Benjamin40400
Challenge Cybil on Route 44Challenge Cybil 40400
Challenge Wilton on Route 44Challenge Wilton40400
Challenge Zach on Route 44 Challenge Zach40400
Defeat Mankey/Spearow on Route 42Defeat Mankey/Spearow24-40300-500
Surf and Defeat Pokemon on Route 42Surf and Defeat Pokemon330-550
Gather Wool From Mareep On Route 42Gather Wool From Mareep24-40360-600
Fish Pokemon Using Good Rod on Route 44Fish Pokemon 32-36440-495

Route 32

Challenge Albert On Route 32Challenge Albert20200
Challenge Liz On Route 32Challenge Liz40300
Challenge Peter On Route 32Challenge Peter20200
Challenge Raph On Route 32Challenge Raph20200
Challenge Roland On Route 32Challenge Roland20200
Challenge Daniel in Union Cave Challenge Daniel25250
Defeat Ekans on Route 32Defeat Ekans15-30255-425
Defeat Mareep on Route 32Defeat Mareep50-75500-750
Defeat Geodude in Union CaveDefeat Geodude24-30360-450
Use the Old Rod on Route 32Old Rod Fishing18-30270-450
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