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Sevii Island Bosses

Location: Five Island warehouse
Requirements: Sevii Islands Story Complete and the daily password for the warehouse.
Level: 80 – 112

  • Exp: 200 – 375
  • Pokedollar: $1 000 – $7 500
  • Gold: 5 – 50
  • Pokemon: Togepi Egg
  • Items: Red Boxes, Green Shard, Yellow Shard, Blue Shard, Red Shard, Heart Scale, Ether, PP Max, Rare Candy, Max Revive, Big Mushroom, Ultra Ball, Kasib Berry, Charti Berry, Tanga Berry, Payapa Berry, Coba Berry, Shuca Berry, Super Repel, Max Repel, Big Pearl, Star Piece, Rare Bone, Big Nugget, Razor Claw, Ring Target, Icy Rock, Damp Rock, Gold Box Small , Hidden Ability+ Buff Hour, Money+ Buff Hour.

Most Passwords:

Singer, Cookie, Server, System, Growth, Volume, People, Health, Speech, Camera, Affair, Driver, Worker, Region, Player, Editor, Aspect, Flight, Orange, Injury, Client, Advice, Dealer

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