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Kanto Bosses

Location: Mt. Silver Summit
Requirements: Champion of Elite Four (Kanto or Johto)

  • Exp: 200 – 350
  • Pokedollar: $2 500 – $10 000
  • Gold: 10 – 100
  • Pokemon: Special Pikachu
  • Items: Red Boxes, Dawn Stone, Old Amber, Metal Coat, Focus Band, Shell Bell, Light Ball, Magnet,  Poison Barb, TM79 Frost Breath, TM78 Bulldoze, TM64 Explosion, TM62 Acrobatics, TM60 Quash, TM34 Sludge Wave, TM50 Overheat, TM23 Smack Down,TM36 Sludge Bomb, Jade Orb, TM14 Blizzard, Star Piece, Rare Bone, Reroll Token, Premier Ball, Cherish Ball, Tamato Berry, Hondew Berry, Grepa Berry, Sitrus Berry, Salac Berry, Coba Berry, Charti Berry, Chople Berry, Occa Berry, Durin Berry, Super Repel, Max Repel, Gold Box Small, Hidden Ability+ Buff Hour, Shiny+ Buff Hour.

Ash’s teams are chosen as follows: one of the 3 Pikachu’s from Team 1 and 5 other Pokémon from the Team 2 list. Once you have Ash’s Pokemon 100+, one of the Mega Forms will be added.




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