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Kanto Bosses

Location: Cerulean Cave

Requirements: Kanto E4, Surf, Flash


  • Exp: 200- 375
  • Money: $1000- $7500
  • Gold: 10-75
  • Pokemon: Mew egg
  • Items: TM52 Focus Blast, TM49 Echoed Voice, TM39 Rock Tomb, TM54 False Swipe, TM57 Charge Beam, TM16 Light Screen, TM48 Round, TM88 Sleep Talk, Big Nugget, Star Piece, Rare Bone, Big Pearl, Premier Ball, Cherish Ball, Leppa Berry, Rindo Berry, Wacan Berry, Passho Berry, Figy Berry, Chesto Berry, Payapa Berry, Starf Berry, Micle Berry, Rowap Berry, Super Repel, Max Repel, TM61 Will-O-Whisp, TM26 Earthquake, TM29 Psychic, Black Sludge, Light Clay, Power Band, Wide Lens, Thick Club, Helix Fossil, Dusk Stone, Shiny+ Hour Buff, Trainer EXP+ Buff hour, EV Training+ Buff hour, Hidden Ability+ buff Hour, Gold Box Small, Reroll Token, Jade Orb.

Mewtwo remains in its normal form until you have defeated it 25 times. After you have won 25 times, and reach player level 100, Mewtwo randomly transforms into Mewtwo X or Y every day.

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