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Accounts created on the website are seperate from in-game accounts, please use the game client to create an in-game account for PokeOne.

No, you can not change your account name. Name are only changed when the name is inappropiate or when the Staff seems fit.

If you use Gmail you can add +1 before the @ so you can continue using the same email. Example: [email protected]


Currently PayPal is the only acceptable payment option.

Aside from the Lootboxes, reroll tokens, and buffs: donating any amount removes the trainer level requirement for going to Unova. Donating to recieve at least 20 boxes gives you one free daily entrance into Battle Frontier Park and one free daily mist for dreamworld.


Yes, the developers are still working on it, a big update is on the way.

No, this is a false-positive. We put a lot of work into this game, it’s not a Trojan. Just make sure you have downloaded it from our official website.

First, make sure you have downloaded the game from this website. Next, follow this video guide on how to fix it. This means the PokeOne.exe or GameAssembly.dll are missing, this is due to your antivirus deleting them. Recently windows defender and other antivirus decided they would flag the program we use to encrypt the game client to prevent people from figuring out how to make bots.

This solution usually also works for: “Unable to connect to update server / Moved Failed Code 5 / Access Denied”

It is available for open beta test currently, and there is no release date yet, so please refrain from asking for a release date.

All moves, abilities and mechanics are up to gen 7. Players can also play the game in a 3D environment in one single server with an unique party system.

Be nice, polite and respect others. Don’t spam chats or tags. We do not tolerate any kinds of discrimination, hate speech or pornography in public chat. Besides, PokéOne is a completely new game, so don’t bring any hatred of other games to this Discord.

Socialise with others, trade, get updates/news on the game, and participate in events.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows are available. Linux and Mac versions will be available at a later stage.

Three: You can start in either Kanto and Johto regions. With Unova being unlocked at level 80 in either kanto or johto or $2 donation will bypass the level 80 requirement. there are also custom mini regions late game and event maps

Yes, all you need to do is open the settings in game and enable controller and set your binds for the controller.

The game is only available in English, on the discord server you can pick a language to gain access to specific language channels.


They are the usage tiers of Pokemon, however Uber is based on sheer power of the Pokemon, and if is an often banned PVP Tier.

It’s a method to check the nature of Static Pokemon. Use a Pokemon & Berry Trick set that matches the nature for the pokemon that you’re trying to trick. See our Berry Trick guide for more information.

Castelia City Park, which can be accessed through the sewers, and to access those you need to have finished Unova Part 2.

On our Pokedex or the in-game Pokedex once you’ve unlocked the entries.

You can use the Pokemon List on our Pokedex. You can also find it through the in-game Pokedex, if you click on Locations (must have the Pokedex entry unlocked).

You can view our Legendary Pokemon Guide to see which ones you can catch and where. It is currently work-in-progress.

Pre Elite 4

Seafoam island or victory road in kanto, and dragons den or victory road for johto.

After e4, but before Unova

Then your best option is cerulean cave or mt silver.

In Unova

The dark grass at u14 or village bridge is great, or the NPCs at the Nimbasa stadiums, white tree, black tower, elite 4, Sevii daily trainers.


Crit chance is calculated in stages, there are 5 stages, default crit rate is Stage 1 with a 4.17% chance on Gen 7. You can see items & moves with increased crit, and its respective stages on Serebii.

The game supports all the way from Generation 1 to 7 currently.

We have a total of 8 buffs in PokeOne that can all slightly enhance activities you do in the game.

  1. EV Training+ doubles the amount of EVs you get from defeating enemy pokemon.
  2. Money+ increases the money you recieve from all sources by 10%.
  3. Wild Money lets you collect a small amount of money from wild pokemon battles. 
  4. Trainer Exp+ increases all trainer exp received by 10%
  5. Pokemon Exp+ increases all pokemon exp received by 10%
  6. Rare+ lets you encounter rarer pokemon more often.
  7. Shiny+ boosts your shiny chance from 1/4096 to 1/3277.
  8. Hidden Ability+ boost your chance to find HA pokemon from 1/100 to 1/33.

PokeOne runs on the Generation 7 USUM (Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon) Mechanics.

Yes, it’s possible to catch Legendary Pokemon, however Legendaries with a base stat above 600 are not available to players to catch, but are instead Boss Fights.

  • Johto: via Olivine City Boat
  • Kanto: via Vermillion City Boat

Remember, you must be Trainer level 80 or donated any amount, and defeated Elite 4. Donating only removes the level restriction, Elite 4 is a requirement.

You can find him Ilex Forest.

You can use a bat or a pokemon such as Drowzee (Pokemon must have 150+ happiness).

1 in 4096 and 1 in 3277 with shiny buff.

No, it summons a five-turn Sandstorm that damages all types apart from Rock, Ground, and Steel. It only raises the Sp. Def stat of Rock types.

It’s a Park that you can reach through the Castelia City Sewers, it’s open after Unova Part 2.

To use Rock Smash on the Map, you have to first beat Saffron’s Gym Leader (Sabrina). In Kanto, the HM can be obtained from Warden after giving him the teeth. In Johto, it can be obtained from Rocky on Route 42.

Nature scales, whereas IVs are a flat increase in the Stat, therefore it’s more beneficial to get a pokemon with the right nature than it is with IVs.

You can only battle Cynthia daily during Spring and Summer time (in-game), for Autumn and Winter it’s only possible to battle her once each season.

Use Reveal Grass (untradeable), need all Forces of Nature at level 75 + Trainer Level 75, and them show to the NPC at abundant shrine north of White Forest. Or trade with someone who has access to it.

By interacting with the respective machines in Silph. Co in Saffron City (Kanto) or Nuvema Lab in Nuvema Town (Unova).

Go to Pledge Grove in Flocessy Town with Virizion, Terrakion, and Cobalion in your party, then interact with the stone between the two torches.

Use Gracidea during morning/day on Shaymin. You get a Gracidea from NPC Muya in Lacunosa Town if you show an OT (Original Trainer) Shaymin at max happiness to Muya.

If you get a mount in the early game you can equip it by accessing your Cosmetics (the Gold Icon on the top right of your screen). Otherwise if you started in Johto you can get a free bike at the bicycle shop at the right side of Goldenrod City. If you started in Kanto, you can talk to the old man in the house below the PokeCenter to get a Bike Voucher, you can then take that to bike shop in Cerulean City to claim your bike. You can press Shift or click the Arcanine Icon to mount.

These are trees that players can headbutt. They are able to drop berries or give you encounters with certain pokemon.

A total of 3 players can party together.

No, the game simply sends you back to the last PokeCenter you used.

Talk to NPC looker next to Nurse Joy in the Pokemon League to start the quest. For Kanto and to NPC Silver below the market side to start the Johto one.

Go back to the Reception area thats just before victory road. Take the right side exit. It takes you to kanto.

Go to virdian city, head left out the city and follow path to reception area. Take the south exit and follow that path to johto.

  • Kanto: Head left out of Celadon City, Cut the tree and follow the path to the house. Speak to the NPC inside to get fly HM.
  • Johto: You get fly after beating and exiting the Cianwood gym.
  • Unova: After beating the gym in Driftveil city you can fly.

On the top middle of your screen click on the ”Fly” icon, it appears as a buff, and this will put you into Fly modus, allowing you to fly and land in all the major cities and specific routes with PokeCenters.

In battle frontier in the northern tower is an NPC named Mr. MoonSun and he will tell you which one your account is.

Static means that the Pokemon is in a fixed spawn, and appears visibly on the map. These Pokemon are typically Legendaries that people Berry Trick or check daily to see if it’s shiny.

It will take one week to respawn, this is typically on the weekly reset. Type /reset to see the reset date / times.

You can attempt to catch or check it again the next daily reset. Type /reset to see the reset times.

No, once you catch it once, it will no longer appear. However, you could obtain it from an Egg drop.

Eggs in PokeOne are drops from Daily Bosses/NPCs which hatch after a certain amount of steps in-game. You can pay a certain fee to check what type of Egg you got.

Most of the Pokemon that would otherwise be an one time catch or incredibly rare are from Egg drops, such as Legendaries.

No, the only way is by trading with a player.

  • Kanto: In Celadon city from NPC Mr. Crowley.
    • In the second house right of the Game Corner
  • Johto: In Goldenrod City from NPC Flint (after TR)

In order to get access to Ecruteak Graveyard, you need to progress/complete the Harry Potter Quest. 

To get access to the railway station you need to do two requirements first:

  1. Get a ticket: Search in Saffron for a house with a different coloured rooftop. The Copy cat wants a Pokedoll, which you get from the Pokemon fanclub in Vermilion. Bring her the doll to get the ticket.
  2. Go to the Powerplant and defeat the burglars (quest). To get this quest, go talk to Hank, who asks you to scare away the burglars. After completing this quest, the railwaystation has power again.

No, but you do need space on your Pokebox to receive eggs, so make sure you have plenty of space left. There is one exception where you do need an Empty slot, and that’s during one of Unova story quests, where you get a Larvesta egg as a gift from a man on an island.

Current list of banned abilities and moves on bosses:

  • Abilities: Imposter, Anger Point, Contrary
  • Moves: Doubleteam, Minimize, Smokescreen, Mirror Move, Transform, Destinybond, Endeavor, Fissure, Guillotine, Mud Sport, Horn Drill, Perish Song, Mat Block, Sheer Cold.

Note that, some bosses like Darkrai have their own set of bans, these are displayed on a sign next to the boss.

Old Rod

  • Kanto: Vermillion City
    • From NPC Ernest after you said a Fisherman’s Quote
  • Johto: Route 32
    • From NPC Jelly in Poké Center

Good Rod

  • Kanto: Fuchsia City
    • Fisher’s house from NPC Diego
  • Johto: Olivine City
    • From NPC Old Gowdy in a house behind the PokéCenter

Super Rod

  • Kanto: Route 12
    • From NPC Peter in fisher’s hut
  • Johto: Lake of Rage
    • From Guru Robb, in house

Fishing Rod (Unova)

  • Unova: Nuvema Town
    • As a reward for completing Sages Quest.

You get as many steps as you pay into the park as an entrance fee. In Kanto it is 1000 steps and in Johto it is 2000 steps.

Only friendship points, you do not lose money.

You increase the trainer level with bounties, bosses and daily quests, you can find many in our guides on the homepage.

You reset all IV’s, so you get values between 0 and 31. You can lock values that you are satisfied with so that they remain after you hit reset.


  • Rerolls without locks, cost 10K Pokedollars.
  • Rerolls with a lock cost 10K + 1 Reroll Token per roll
    • So if you lock 3 values, you have to pay 10K and 3 Reroll tokens per roll

Move Reminder / Relearners:

  • Johto: The NPC is located in Blackthorn city in the house west of the poke market.
  • Kanto: The NPC is located in saffron city next to pokemon center.
  • Requires Hearthscale / Pokegold / Pokedollars.

Egg Move Tutor:

  • Johto: Cianwood City
  • Kanto: Cinnabar Island
    • Mr. Egg on Cinnabar islands is located on the left side of the beach/island.
  • Requires small/big mushrooms.

Character Restyler:

  • Johto: Goldenrod City Department store (Ground floor).
  • Kanto: Celadon City.
  • Costs 500 gold coins.

Game Decisions

You can spectate friendly PVP matches, but not ladder PVP matches.

No, the majority of users speak English, and there are only a limited amount of resources available to spend on development time. So our focus will be on developing new content, bug fixes, balance, and quality of life changes.

No, there are no plans at this time to add them.

No, but you can challenge them as bosses for daily rewards.

No, PokeOne does currently not have an Auction house. There may be something like it added to the website.

Yes, you can use Traded Pokemon in the Elite 4.

This was due to players abusing alts to quickly clear the game and earn money.

No, but you can use switch training to level up weaker Pokemon. For more info on fast leveling mons see our Pokemon EXP Guide.

No, but there is a Pokemon EXP Buff that increases Pokemon Experience by 10%.

No, but you can use a Pokemon with the ability ”Synchronise” to have a 50% chance to make your catch the same nature as the Pokemon with Sync (must be first slot in party). For more info see our Hunting Guide.

No, they are only available as enemies.

No, there is no breeding in this game.

No, it’s not possible in this game.

No, it’s not possible to name your Pokemon in the game. It would require moderating/monitoring pokemon names, which is not realistic.

It was a measure to combat players abusing Alt accounts to gain an increased chance to get Legendaries, as a trade off they appear Static, which means it’s easier to check for Legendaries.

It takes 12 in real life minutes, for 1 hour to pass inside the game.


Yes, but please inform your viewers that PokeOne is still in development.

No, any form of in-game advertisement / sollicitation is prohibited.

No, using them will result in a ban.

No, using any form of botting software will result in a ban.

No, abusing alt accounts to get more encounters is prohibited.


Was removed due to too much of a randomness element, it will be replaced with a NPC that sells a select few PVP items.

They were removed due to Alters abusing the spawns, you can now find most of them as boss drops, and an alternative method to obtain them is in the works.