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Johto Dailies

This summary will show you the various locations for NPCs you can re-battle daily to get more experience and reach level 80 faster.

Rusted Zombies Guide:

-Complete Johto Story finished
-Complete Resident Evil Quest

After having finished the Resident Evil Quest on the Evil Vibes Island, go back to Officer Cruger.
He will tell you, that the path to the Old Field has opened.

If you move back, there’ll be an entrance on the right side:

Now move east as much as you can, until you’ll have to move north through some trees:

Officer Hutch will tell you about “a few daily monsters that need defeating“. Continue to move west, to enter the “Mansion loading dock entrance“.

You’ll find 4 rusted Zombies in the Loading Bay: Starting at lvl 60 with Mimikyu, Greninja and Banette. The rusted Zombies‘ Pokemon will increase by one level. So for the first time, it’s level 60 to 63. Furthermore, they will increase by 1 level per day, until they reach level 100.

In front of the final Zombie, there’s a Pokeball with a Rare candy.

Rewards: For one Zombie: 155 exp, 950 Pokédollars/156 exp, 950 Pokédollars/157 exp, 950 Pokédollars/ 158 exp, 950 Pokédollars.
Each time the Zombies increase in level, you gain 1 extra exp; at level 100 it will be 195 exp (start at level 60 with 155 exp).

Mystery Island:

-Complete Johto Story finished
-Complete Cpt. Jeck Spearow Side Quest

Sailor Pastelito
Exp = 45
Poke$ = +$1400

Gunner Phil
Exp = 55
Poke$ = +$1800

Ruins of Alph

Sailor Pastelito
Exp = 45
Poke$ = +$1400

Ecruteak City Graveyard

Resting Reg
Exp = 75
Poke$ = +$2200

Peaceful Pam
Exp = 62
Poke$ = +$1175

Ghost Kian
Exp 95
Poke$ = +$2950
+ Random Loot Dro

Tomb Entrance

Exp = 75
Poke$ = $750

The keeper is located in the Grave yard Cave far north take the entrance and follow the path.

Ghost Phil
Exp = 45
Poke$ = $650

Just talk to the grave and Phil will appear, you will find it at the beginning in the west one side way.

Ghost Marge
Exp = 45
Poke$ = $600

Talk to Kylie at the Illegal Campsite east of the graveyard. After that Marge will appear at the gravestone a bit back.

Blackthorn City

TR Egon
Exp = 62
Poke$ = +$1008
Gold = 15

TR Ken
Exp = 64
Poke$ = +$917
Gold = 20

TR Babs
Exp = 49
Poke$ = +$1087
Gold = 16

The Yellow Flowers near the entrance to the Ice Path

All 4 flowers together add up to about:

Exp = 170
Poke$ = +$2240
Gold = 62

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