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Shiny Hunter Of the Month

Hello Trainers! As always, your hunting skills and luck have blown us away. These decisions keep getting harder and harder to make. We wanted to say thank you to this community for all your hard work and determination. Keep hunting trainers, and we can’t wait to see what you catch next!

Every month, our community keeps amazing us with your finds. Thank you all for the submissions this month! Here are your winners! ( Winners, please contact MilesWalked on discord)

First Place


Rare Week, Shiny week, 100 Reroll Tokens

Second place


1 Week buff of choice, 75 Reroll Tokens

Third Place


1 Week buff of choice, 50 Reroll tokens

Runner Ups

Next Month

As always, we look forward to what this community will do.

Simply post your best shinies every month into the Shiny Hunter of the Month discord channel and the winners will be announced after the month ends. We ask that you only post your best shinies every month to prevent the channel from being spammed. Please note you can only win once each month (You can’t be 1st and 2nd in the same month).

The Prizes will be as follows:
1st: Rare week, Shiny week and 100 tokens
2nd: 1 week buff of choice + 75 tokens
3rd: 1 week buff of choice + 50 tokens

1st place will always be awarded with a Shiny Hunter of the Month flair on discord

Good Luck Trainers!

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