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Unova Dailies

The Unova Elite 4 can be fought daily after completing both the Unova part 1 and part 2 story lines. To Start the quest, you will need to go-to Unova Victory Road and talk to Nyden.

Location: Unova Victory Road

Requirements: Unova Part 1 and Part 2 Completed


  • 600 Trainer Exp.
  • $6000


PokesMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4ItemLevel
Phantom ForceShadow SneakPoison jabSucker PunchChoice Band77
BlizzardIce ShardShadow BallPsychicWise Glasses77
Fire BlastShadow BallEnergy BallPsychicFlying Gem77
PsychicWill-O-WispShadow BallEnergy BallLeftovers77
PsychicDark PulseShadow BallThundeboltShoalSalt77
Shadow BallFocus BlastSludge BombDark PulseExpert Belt77
Stone EdgeHammer ArmEarthquakeShadow PunchMuscle band77
Fire BlastPsychicShadow BallPay BackChoice Scarf79

Chantal´s Team will be 6 of 8 of these Pokémons


PokeMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4ItemLevel
HypnosisCharge beamDream EaterReflectZoom Lens77
FlatterThunder BoltPsychicShadow BallWise Glasses77
Shadow BallFocus BlastPsychicCharge BeamExpert Belt77
RecoverThunderFocus BlastPsychicLeftovers77
Close CombatNight SlashLeaf BladePsycho CutMuscle Band77
EarthquakeHammer ArmZen HeadbuttBullet PunchLife Orb79


PokeMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4ItemLevel
Sucker PunchKnock OffSwords DancePlay RoughLife Orb77
OutrageCrunchRock SlideEarthquakeMuscle Band77
Night SlashPsychicAerial AceHazeScope Lens77
Head smashCrunchPoison JabHigh Jump KickLife Orb77
Dark PulseStone EdgeFire BlastCrunchFocus Band77
Sludge BombThunder FangFire BlastCrunchWise Glasses77
X-SissorNight slashGuillotineAerial AceQuick Claw79

Team will be 6 of 7 of these mons


PokeMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4ItemLevel
U-TurnFake OutHigh Jump KickAcrobaticsEject Button77
Zen HeadbuttHigh Jump KickPoison JabIce PunchLife Orb77
Aura SphereDragon PulseExtreme SpeedShadow BallWise Glasses77
Close CombatStone EdgePoison JabRetaliateMuscle Band77
EarthquakeSuper PowerStone EdgeBulk UpFocus Band77
Dynamic PunchDual ChopThunder PunchStone EdgeExpert Belt77
EarthquakeHammer ArmStone EdgeBulk UpLife Orb79

Team will be 6 of 7 of these mons

Unova E4 Champions


Weekdays: Mondays, wedensday, Friday

PokesMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4ItemLevel
Flash CannonDark PulseFlamethrowerDraco MeterLife Orb77
Dragon DanceOutrageEarthquakeDragon ClawLife Orb77
ScaldIce BeamDragon PulseToxicLeftovers77
SuperpowerCrunchDragon ClawIron HeadChoice Band77
Dragon DanceOutrageEarthquakeDragon ClawLife Orb77
Head SmashIron HeadEarthquakeSuper PowerChoice Band77
Head SmashFlyDragon ClawEarthquakeLife Orb77

Team will be 6 of 7 of these mons


Weekdays: Thuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday

PokeMove 1Move 2Move 3Move 4ItemLevel
Mega HornDrill RunIron HeadAerial AceLeftovers81
Head ChargeMega HornStone EdgeEarthquakeAssault Vest81
Bug BuzzFocus BlastMe FirstEnergy BallLife Orb81
Freeze DryHydro PumpThunderboltSignal BeamChoice Specs81
Dragon DanceOutrageEarthquakePoison JabLife Orb81
Fire BlastBug BuzzQuiver DanceGiga DrainLife Orb83

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