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Johto Bosses



The Hoenn Trio can also drop Jade Orbs which can allow you to do it again.

Location: Embedded Tower
Requirements: You have to own the “Jade Orb” and set in “Embedded Tower”
Level: 85 – 113
Team: Each day, 1 of the trio will take on their Primal/Mega form.

  • Exp: 200 – 375
  • Pokedollar: $1000 – $7500
  • Gold: 10 – 75
  • Pokemon: Drampa Egg
  • Items: Red Boxes, Gold Box Small , Soul Dew, Red Shard, Rare Candy, Yellow Apricorn, Dragon Scale, Max Ether, Green Shard, Big Mushroom, Blue Apricorn, Super Repel, EV Training+ Buff Hour, Big Nugget, Yellow Shard, White Apricorn, Max Repel, Jade Orb, Big Pearl, Ether, Pink Apricorn, Black Apricorn, Reroll Token, Trainer Exp+ Hour, Blue Shard, PP Max, Green Apricorn, Red Apricorn.

The Hoenn Trio has 3 different teams that are randomly selected each day and it is determined by which of the trio is in Primal/Mega form. The Primal/Mega Pokemon always take the centre position.

Mega Rayquaza Team

Primal Kyogre Team

Primal Groudon Team

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