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Kanto Dailies

Pokémon League Pre Quest

Step 1

To be able to challenge the Kanto League again, you have to approach the NPC Looker next to Nurse Joy in the Pokemon League after the Kanto League.
He asks you if you would like to help arrest Giovanni.

Step 2

Looker wants to arrest Giovanni in the Viridian City arena, but he refuses and escapes to the Team Rocket Hideout under the Celadon City Game Corner.

Step 3

After you have taken the lift to floor B4F in the Game Corner, Giovanni is waiting for you and wants to fight.

Step 4

After the successful fight Looker will try to arrest Giovanni again, which he succeeds in this time, he will be brought to the jail of Cerulean City. You will receive access from Looker to do the Pokemon League again.

Step 5

As soon as you are out of the Game Corner, you can go to the Pokemon League. You have to start the quest with Mikan inside the Pokemon League to get access to the Kanto League.

Kanto League Teams

In the league, the Elite 4 awaits you with Pokemon that are +-5 level from your trainer level.

Lorelei´s Team

Perish SongToxicIce BeamSurf
Shell SmashIcicle SpearSpikesExplosion
Ice ShardHydro PumpEarthquakeIcicile Crash
Stealth RockRock SlideEarthquakeDragon Tail
Hydro PumpAqua JetStone EdgeWaterfall

Bruno´s Team

Stealth RockGyro BallEarthquakeDragon Tail
Drain PunchMach PunchIce PunchStone Edge
Mach punchIce PunchSucker PunchStone Edge
Heavy SlamRock SlideEarthquakeDragon Tail
Dynamic PunchKnock OffHeavy SlamBullet Punch

Agatha´s Team

ThunderFocus BlastSludge WaveShadow Ball
Super FangRoostBrave BirdToxic
Foul PlayShadow BallPain SplitWill o Wisp
CoilGunk ShotSucker PunchSeed Bomb
Shadow BallWill o WispFocus BlastProtect

Lance´s Team

Dragon DanceWaterfallBounceCrunch
Dragon DanceOutrageExtreme SpeedFire Punch
Hydro PumpDraco MeteorScaldIce Beam
Stone EdgeEarthquakeDouble EdgeRoost
ThunderIce BeamAir SlashRoost

Gary´s Team

Brave BirdReturnU-TurnQuick Attack
PsychicFocus BlastShadow BallThunder Wave
Stealth RockEarthquakeStone EdgeMega Horn
Giga DrainSleep PowderPsychicLeaf Storm
WaterfallEarthquakeBounceDragon Dance

The champion chooses his 6th Pokémon based on your starter Pokémon. If you have chosen Charmander, Blue takes Mega Blastoise, if you have chosen Bulbasauer, Blue takes Mega Charizard-Y, if you have chosen Squirtle, Blue has Mega Venusauer.

Dark PulseAura SphereIce BeamScald
SynthesisGiga DrainSludge BombGrowth
Dragon DanceFlare BlitzDragon ClawRoost

League Rewards


Gold: 35 – 99
Money: 7500
Exp: 500
Pokémon Egg:
Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Zapdos, Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Snorlax

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