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Kanto Dailies

Experience and Pokédollars varies from daily trainers depending on your trainer level / how many times you’ve defeated them.

Viridian City:

On the left of the Pokecenter, NPC Leya walks back and forth. She is the first trainer you can defeat every day.

  • Trainer Leya: 40 exp, 321 Pokédollars

Vermilion City:

The two fisher near the pier in the direction of SS Anne want to fight every day. They start at level 40 at 110 exp and adjust to your trainer level, giving more exp.

  • Fisherlady Liah: 110 exp, 857 Pokédollars
  • Fisherman Carlitos: 110 exp, 857 Pokédollars

Also still to be found in vermilion city is Youngster Nick. Go east of Vermillion City Pokecenter, go up and over the hill, then north over the bridge and he is by a lake.

  • Youngster Nick: 74 exp, 222 Pokédollars

Vermilion Backroad:

In the area you’ll find the following trainers, which will battle you with low-leveled Pokemon:

  • Dylan: 65 exp, 1300 Pokédollars
  • Derik: 65 exp, 1300 Pokédollars
  • Dirty Dave: 65 exp, 1300 Pokédollars
  • Phillop: 65 exp, 1300 Pokédollars

Vermilion Roller Hockey:

To reach it you must have defeated the Kanto League. 
Follow the path to the right of Dirty Dave from the previous quest, the digger has now disappeared, there you will find 3 trainers.

  • Ron: 50 exp, 384 Pokédollars
  • Wong: 74 exp, 222 Pokédollars
  • Coach Matt Han: 95 exp, 1950 Pokédollars + 1 Extra item

Route 11 (Vermillion East):

On route 11 to the east of Vermilion City you will find 3 trainers:

  • Engineer Bernie: 35 exp, 225 Pokédollars
  • Youngster Dillon: 35 exp, 225 Pokédollars
  • Youngster Yasu: 35 exp, 225 Pokédollars

Route 19 (Fuschia South):

Below Fuchsia City is Route 19, where you can defeat 10 trainers every day, which will help you enormously to level up in Kanto. Each trainer must be approached by you. Surf from Fuchsia city till you reach Seafoam islands to find all 10 trainers. Here are the details:

  • Swimmer Reece: 100exp, 1160 Pokédollars
  • Swimmer Richard: 100 exp, 250 Pokédollars
  • Swimmer Alice: 100 exp, 500 Pokédollars
  • Swimmer Axle: 100 exp, 500 Pokédollars
  • Swimmer Dougles: 100 exp, 500 Pokédollars
  • Swimmer Connie: 100 exp, 500 Pokédollars
  • Swimmer David: 100 exp, 500 Pokédollars
  • Swimmer Matthew: 100 exp, 500 Pokédollars
  • Swimmer Anya: 100 exp, 500 Pokédollars
  • Swimmer Tony: 100 exp, 500 Pokédollars

Cinnabar Island:

  • Mr. Mofkersson: 50 exp + 1 exp per trainer level, 600 Pokédollars

Cerulean Valley Entrance:

In the water you’ll find two trainers, which are:

  • Swimmer Amie: 150 exp, 600 Pokédollars
  • Swimmer Alex: 150 exp, 700 Pokédollars

Cerulean Valley Hidden Chamber:

To get to the Hidden Chamber, you have to talk to the fire basket in the Cerulean Ruins, after a fight the way to the Hidden Chamber opens.
In the Hidden Chamber you will find a fight against the fossils of the Kanto region, the so-called Guardians.

  • Guardians: 220 exp, 1750 Pokédollars

Cerulean Valley Lighthouse Trail:

Move to the Lighthouse which is situated south of the valley (you need to move north first to get on the right trail). On the way to the Lighthouse, you’ll find Firebreather Walt:

  • Firebreather Walt: 72 exp, 712 Pokédollars

In the Lighthouse you first have to talk to Keeper Jim on the upper floor, he tells you that Little Johny has run away, you now have to go and look for him in the basement of the Lighthouse. Once you have found Little Johny in the basement, he will challenge you with a level 100 Pikachu. After the fight you have to go to Keeper Jim again to complete the quest.

  • Little Johny: 225 exp, 1250 Pokédollars

Lavender Graveyard:

To challenge the Daily Trainers in Lavender Graveyard you must be a Kanto Champion.
Go to the graveyard and speak to the last gravestone at the back, this will take you to another map where you will find 5 of the 8 Daily Trainers. The other 3 are hidden under a grave, for this you have to switch the switch ( marked with an X on the picture ) after that the way to 3 more trainers opens.
(Ghost Kian on the picture because I have already defeated them, but the picture will be replaced).

  • Old Lady Shivers: 15 exp, 500 Pokédollars
  • Spooky Sam: 45 exp, 600 Pokédollars
  • Scary Sam: 90 exp, 1200 Pokédollars
  • Grumpy Grandpa: 85 exp, 700 Pokédollars
  • Ghostly Daren: 45 exp, 1400 Pokédollars
  • Ghostly Marie: 85 exp, 1200 Pokédollars
  • Ghost Kian: 95 exp, 2950 Pokédollars
  • Ghostly Gertrude: 35 exp, 400 Pokédollars

Pokemon Tower Drain:

To reach the Drain you first have to walk up the tower to the top and take the stairs to the cellar. Once in the cellar, there is a door hidden on the right side, at the end of the room is Ghost Mary.

  • Ghost Mary; 95 exp, 2950 Pokédollars, 1 Random Item

Power Plant Basement:

You have to enter the password “password” in the Power Plant in the room with Hank on the PC, so that a door opens in the front part into the basement where you can find the Bossman Burglar.

  • Bossman Burglar: 155 exp, 2800 Pokédollars, 1 Random Item

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