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Kanto Beginner

Pewter City

Hidden in the right plant near Nurse Joy.

Mt. Moon

Hidden in a stone left of Scientist Adam.

Mt. Moon 2

Follow the footsteps around the stone for a pokeball to spawn.

Cerulean City

Hidden in a tree left of NPC Ingrid.

Cerulean City 2

Hidden in a stone behind a house.

Cerulean City 3

Hidden in the left flower below the Bike Shop.

Route 6

Hidden in a stump near Camper Jeff.

SS Anne

In the 2nd left room on the upper floor of the SS Anne.

Route 9

Hidden in a rock at the beginning of the route.

Rock Tunnel

Hidden in a stone at the end of Rock Tunnel.

Rocket Hideout

In a pokeball in the 3rd floor near the servers.

Pokémon Tower

In a Pokeball on the 6th floor below Channeler Sky.

Pokémon Tower 2

To reach the Drain you first have to walk up the tower to the top and take the stairs to the cellar. Once in the cellar, there is a door hidden on the right side

Silph Company

Hidden behind a crate in the left room on the 10th floor.

Route 12

Hidden in the tree after entering the route from Lavender Town.

Route 13

Talk to Birdkeeper Sebastian after defeating him.
Then walk to the fence south and click on the pokeball.
Select a Fly type pokemon to grab the item.

Route 14

Hidden in a street lamp near Biker Lukas.

Fuchsia City

In Warden’s house behind the Rock Smash stone.

Route 17

Hidden in the Rock of the grass patch.

Seafoam Island

When you enter, look for a small staircase, follow the path and take the ladder down to “B2F”. Then past the 3 trainers to the far right and down the ladder.

Pokémon Mansion

In the basement near a statue.

Pokémon Mansion 2

Hidden in the left plant of the bottom row near the key.

Cinnebar Island

Hidden in a stone to the left of the Gym

Lavender Town Graveyard

In the Hidden Chamber in the right tomb next to Grumpy Grandpa

Lavender Town Graveyard 2

In the Hidden Chamber in the right tomb next to Grumpy Grandpa

Harry Potter

On the upper platform, go to the chimney on the far left below, then you will come to Rare Candy.

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