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Sevii Island Dailies

In this guide we’ll show you how to complete the “Savage Hypno” daily side quest located on Three Island.

Location: Sevii Three Island
Requirements: “Missing Lostelle” main Sevii quest must be complete
Rewards: 90 exp, $900, and a random item

Head to Three Island in Sevii. Head north of the docks then west once you reach the part of town where the pokemart is. Near the beginning of Bond Bridge, talk to Ranger Pike and accept his quest.

After you have been given your task of defeating the Hypno, walk west across Bond Bridge until reaching the Berry Forest, then enter.

Inside just north of the Berry Forest entrance awaits the Savage Hypno, joined by two additional Pokémon that will engage you in a triple battle after interacting with Hypno. Defeat them all and your quest will be complete!

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