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Kanto Sidequests

To start Root of Evil, you need to head north of Route 10

Talk to Arnie to start the quest

After talking to Jan, go north and fight some looters, His teams consist of Gengar and Alakazam. After you beat the looter, Scientist Shelly wants to speak to you

Now that you have met Scientist Shelly, Arnie needs help gathering wood to rebuild the broken bridge, you can find the wood in the grass and around the camp. You will need 15 in total, after you have enough come back to Arnie for the next step.

Now that you have built half the bridge, you need some rope from Fisherman Frank to finish the bridge. He will give you some if you fish for him. You can choose from 10, 15, 25, and 50

Go back and report to Shelly but shes been ambushed by Looters, their team consists of Gengar and Alakazam, after defeating the looter, Shelly needs you to deliver the Cipher to Arnie. There will be a Looter to fight on the way

Follow Arnie to the next site, just go down and take a left, there will be a Looter on the way as well, his team is the same as before.

Arnie has went to Lighthouse and needs you to follow him. Go right and there’s another Looter on the way there.

After you reach the Lighthouse you need to go downstairs to meet Arnie, but you need to certified as a Trusted Electrical Safety Spotter, so go upstairs and there is a book right by the worker. After you go downstairs follow the path and fight the workers on the way there.

After finding Arnie, he needs you to help Keeper Jim, after you speak to Jim he needs you to collect 10 batteries in the Lighthouse Basement, after you have all 10 return to Jim

Follow Jim and Arnie upstairs, after you talk to them follow Arnie back to the Tomb

To open the door you have to figure out which order of the statues will open the door, its random so one players order will be different than anothers.

Now that we have made it into the Ruins there is a mirror battle here. After you beat the Tomb Guardian, you will have to summon the Root of Evil. To do this you have to stand on the 3 squares, After you summon the Root of Evil, you can fight him on three different difficulties. After you beat the Root of Evil you can return here daily for xp and loot

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