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Kanto Sidequests

To get access to the Railway Station you need to do two requirements first:

Get a ticket: Search in Saffron for a house with a purple rooftop. The Copycat wants a Pokedoll, which you get from the Pokemon Fanclub in Vermilion. Bring her the doll to get the ticket.

Copycat House

North-West of Saffron City

Pokédoll Quest

Talk with Joanne

Pokemon Fanclub

You will find the Pokémon Fanclub in Vermillion City, talk to Nils. He will handout you a PokéDoll. After you got the PokéDoll, bring it to Joanna for her daughter.


Go to the Powerplant below Route 10 and defeat the burglars. To get this quest, go talk to Hank, who asks you to scare away the burglars. After completing this quest, the railway station has power again.

Another task awaits you in the underground here you can find the guide.
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