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Johto Sidequests

There are 4 Kimono Girls missing across the Johto region. The first you may encounter is Zuki in Violet City near the Route 36 gate.

The second Kimono Girl, Naoko, is located in the northern part of Ilex Forest

Kuni is in the Goldenrod Tunnel, down the hallway leading to the Goldenrod Basement.

Finally, Sayo is near the Route 44 entrance of the Ice Path.

After you obtain all 8 Johto gym badges and return to Prof. Elm during the “Champion of Johto” quest, one of the Kimono Girls will enter the lab and invite you to a battle at the Ecruteak Dance Theatre, as well as list missing girls, if any. You will only be able to battle the Kimono Girls if all 4 have been found.

Go to the Ecruteak Dance Theatre and win 5 consecutive battles against the Kimono Girls and they will reward you with the Clear Bell. After obtaining this bell, you will be informed that Ho-Oh has appeared at the Bell Tower, and the Girls will depart to meet you at the top.

Bell Tower can be accessed by passing through the Barrier Station in northern Ecruteak.

The tower itself has 10 floors with many ramps and teleporters. The image below will show you how to navigate these floors to reach the summit

Upon reaching the summit, talk to the Kimono Girls and they will give you the final task of defeating Ho-Oh.

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