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Sevii Island Dailies

In order to access the Trainer Tower, you will need access to the Sevii Islands (by reaching trainer level 80 in Kanto) and have progressed the main quest up to the point where you have obtained the Rainbow Pass. The building is located at the north end of Seven Island, requiring surf to reach the entrance.

Once inside, speak to Daisy to choose a mode and start your climb to the top. Each mode offers a different battle style, with the Mixed mode using a variety of the previous three modes. Whenever you start your challenge, your party order cannot be altered and bag items cannot be used in or out of battle. The opponent’s Pokémon will have their levels be slightly lower than your Kanto trainer level.

Single Mode: Each floor contains one trainer using two Pokémon in a single battle format.
Double Mode: Each floor contains two trainers using one Pokémon in a double battle format.
Knockout Mode: Each floor contains three trainers using one Pokémon in a single battle format.
Mixed Mode: Floors 1-3 are Single Mode, Floors 4, 5 and 7 are Double Mode, Floors 6 and 8 are Knockout Mode.

If you wish to prepare for the battles ahead of time, click on the dropdowns below to view all of the trainers’ Pokémon as well as their held items.

Floor 1: Sailor Alberto (Feraligatr @ Focus Band, Kangaskhan @ Quick Claw)
Floor 2: Bug Catcher Brandon (Beedrill @ Bright Powder, Yanma @ Bright Powder)
Floor 3: Juggler Jarrett (Weezing @ Salac Berry, Exeggcute @ Quick Claw)
Floor 4: Youngster Cole (Primeape @ Sitrus Berry, Slowbro @ Sitrus Berry)
Floor 5: Camper Joey (Nidoking @ Soft Sand, Tauros @ Silk Scarf)
Floor 6: Swimmer Braden (Dunsparce @ Persim Berry, Politoed @ Chesto Berry)
Floor 7: Burglar Jac (Meowth @ Liechi Berry, Chansey @ Lucky Punch)
Floor 8: Pokémon Breeder Lily (Togepi @ Sitrus Berry, Snorlax @ Leftovers)

Floor 1: Twins Jen & Kira (Jolteon @ Quick Claw, Espeon @ Bright Powder)
Floor 2: Crush Kin Jo & Haley (Alakazam @ Salac Berry, Houndoom @ Focus Band)
Floor 3: Crush Kin Ric & Rene (Golem @ Scope Lens, Machamp @ Scope Lens)
Floor 4: Cool Couple Isac & Mag (Piloswine @ Soft Sand, Crobat @ King’s Rock)
Floor 5: Cool Couple Jos & Anne (Blissey @ Leftovers, Arcanine @ Charcoal)
Floor 6: Young Couple Alek & Emy (Ursaring @ Lum Berry, Furret @ Shell Bell)
Floor 7: Sis And Bro Axe & Ren (Lanturn @ Bright Powder, Dragonair @ Shell Bell)
Floor 8: Cool Couple Geb & Megan (Gyarados @ Salac Berry, Rhydon @ Quick Claw)

Floor 1: Biker Jordy (Magby @ Lax Incense), Biker Ernest (Togepi @ Quick Claw), Cue Ball Gabriel (Smoochum @ Bright Powder)
Floor 2: Hiker Mike (Charizard @ Scope Lens), Crush Girl Rebecca (Flareon @ Silk Scarf), Black Belt Nicolas (Poliwrath @ King’s Rock)
Floor 3: Picnicker Camryn (Miltank @ Silk Scarf), Aroma Lady Natalia (Vileplume @ Persim Berry), Cooltrainer Kathleen (Lapras @ Lum Berry)
Floor 4: Sailor Brennan (Chansey @ Oran Berry), Fisherman Kaden (Seaking @ Cheri Berry), Gentleman Emanuel (Vaporeon @ Shell Bell)
Floor 5: Beauty Maura (NidoranF @ Sitrus Berry), Lass Mikaela (Nidorina @ Choice Band), Engineer Flint (Nidoqueen @ Choice Band)
Floor 6: Rocker Ben (Ampharos @ Shell Bell), Engineer Camden (Granbull @ Choice Band), Scientist Zackery (Misdreavus @ Salac Berry)
Floor 7: Tuber Priscilla (Goldeen @ Apicot Berry), Lady Charlotte (Qwilfish @ Persim Berry), Swimmer Shania (Mantine @ Mental Herb)
Floor 8: Pokémon Ranger Chelsea (Starmie @ Petaya Berry), Pokémon Ranger Trenton (Arcanine @ Sitrus Berry), Cooltrainer Albert (Venusaur @ Salac Berry)

Floor 1 (Single): Cooltrainer Allison (Starmie @ Lum Berry, Kingdra @ Chesto Berry)
Floor 2 (Single): Psychic Lorenzo (Hypno @ Salac Berry, Gengar @ Leftovers)
Floor 3 (Single): Super Nerd Owen (Jolteon @ Bright Powder, Porygon2 @ Salac Berry)
Floor 4 (Double): Cool Couple Gale @ Meggy (Nidoking @ Focus Band, Nidoqueen @ Focus Band)
Floor 5 (Double): Sis and Bro Kat and Kipp (Corsola @ Quick Claw, Kingler @ Quick Claw)
Floor 6 (Knockout): Pokémon Ranger Chelsy (Ledian @ Liechi Berry), Pokémon Ranger Trent (Gyarados @ Sitrus Berry), Cooltrainer Abe (Tyranitar @ Salac Berry)
Floor 7 (Double): Scientist Rick & Morty (Hitmonchan @ Scope Lens, Hitmonlee @ Scope Lens)
Floor 8 (Knockout): Hiker Mika (Charizard @ Scope Lens), Crush Girl Becca (Flareon @ Silk Scarf), Black Belt Nick (Poliwrath @ King’s Rock)

After completing any of the modes, speak to Doc Reginald on the roof to receive your rewards. If you complete a mode within the time limit of 420 seconds you will be eligible for a choice of one weekly reward out of three options: 200 PokéGold, 250 Trainer EXP, $2,500 Pokédollars

Single Mode: 225 Trainer EXP, $4,250 Pokédollars, Up-Grade (Once per week, reward is changed to a Reroll Token until it resets)
Double Mode: 225 Trainer EXP, $4,250 Pokédollars, Dragon Scale (Once per week, reward is changed to a Reroll Token until it resets)
Knockout Mode: 225 Trainer EXP, $4,250 Pokédollars, Metal Coat (Once per week, reward is changed to a Reroll Token until it resets)
Mixed Mode: 225 Trainer EXP, $4,250 Pokédollars, King’s Rock (Once per week, reward is changed to a Reroll Token until it resets)

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