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White Forest has a few things that can be done here. White Treehollow, Log quest and checking the trees here as a reward for clearing each area in the White Treehollow.
These can all be done daily and are a good source for trainer exp and other rewards.

Rewards: 75 Trainer exp, $2,250 pokedollars

The Heartfire quest can be picked up from any of the logs in white forest other then the two beside the campfire near the two NPC’s named Piper and Dave. The logs can be hidden behind trees or in tall grass so be sure to look carefully! You can also defeat wild pokemon in the area to collect logs. You will need to collect 10 logs to complete the quest so you can receive your trainer exp and money.

Rewards: 300 Trainer exp, $2,500 pokedollars, items, Terrakion Egg
Recommendations: Cut or axe

The White Treehollow is a 10 room tower that requires you to defeat two trainers in each room. Only after defeating all trainers will you receive your trainer exp, money, item and chance at a Terrakion egg. After defeating the two trainers in each area you will get a pop up notifying you that you can now interact with one of the trees in white forest to encounter a pokemon. You get 1 tree encounter per area you clear.

Upon entering White Treehollow you will see Nursery Aide Vanja can be used to heal your pokemon but she can only heal them once per hour. You can use the pokemon center in White Forest as often as you need. Proceed to talk with NPC Hagen, he will let you pass, take the elevator on the left to head to area 1.

When you reach area 4 you will see Nursery Aide Hope which can be used to heal up your pokemon. She is behind a cuttable tree so don’t forget to bring cut or an axe!
Area 5 is reachable via the south exit in area 4. Don’t skip it!

When you reach area 9, Nursery Aide Karla will be in the bottom right side of the room. You will need to find your way through the maze of boxes to reach her.

Lastly at area 10 you will need to interact with the computer in the top right side of the room to activate the bridge to be able to make your way to the last boss.

Last but not least are the Trees within White Forest. Each tree spawns a few different pokemon and yes, they are syncable! The image below will show the worthwhile encounters. You can only start an encounter at one of these trees after defeating an area boss in the White Treehollow. Keep in mind that you do not have to clear every floor to unlock the trees, if you only want to check 2 trees then you can just clear two areas in the White Treehollow and then you are free to leave and check the trees you wish.

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