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Unova Bosses

Zekrom is a daily boss battle in Unova, and part of the Unova Dragon Trio. To start the Zekrom quest, you will need to go to Icirrus City. You will then head towards Dragon spiral castle, and talk to the npc Hayato. He will give you the quest to defeat the three npcs to fight Zekrom. (Consider using a repel in the first two levels to avoid wild battles.)

Location: Dragonspiral Tower
Requirements: Finished Unova Story

  • Trainer Exp: 120
  • Money: $2900
  • Pokémon: Thundurus Egg
  • Items: Liberty Pass, Pomeg Berry, Kelpsy Berry, Qualot Berry, Hondew Berry, Grepa Berry, Tamato Berry, Cherish Ball, Premier Ball, Big Mushroom, Balm Mushroom, Ultra Ball, Full Restore, Max Revive, Max Potion, Rare Candy, Ether, PP Max, TM 80 Rock Slide, TM 93 Wild Charge, Cover Fossil , Plume Fossil, small gold box, Eviolite, Trainer EXP hour, EV Training hour

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