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Unova Sidequests

This guide is for how to access the dream world for the first time, and how to unlock Darkrai.


Straiton City Lab


  • Unova Part 1 and Part 2 Completed
  • Dream mist Required (5 for Darkrai quest)

Accessing Dream World

Dr. Fennel

Dr. Fennel is the Npc that starts the Dream World Quest. She will tell you to meet here assistant Annie in the Dream yard Ruins. This can be found East of Striaton City.

Assistant Annie

Assistant Annie is the Npc that give you the Dream Mist quest. To complete, you must hunt and faint 10 munnas in dream yard ruins. This will give you 1 Dream mist per day.


The Npc Violetta will give you 1 Dream mist per day.


The Npc Lui Will let you buy 1 Dream mist per day. 500 Gold or $50,000.


To unlock Darkari as a daily boss, you will need 5 Dream mist in total. Two for dream of grass, Two for dream of Water, and 1 For Dream of fire. This quest can be done in two days as you can get up to three mist per day from Munnas, Violetta, and Lui. The Quest will Start in Dream of Grass by talking to the Npc Via.

Dream Of Grass


Two Dream mist


Via is the first Npc that you will talk to. She will have you do 10 wild battles to pass.


Carmay is the second Npc that you will talk to. She will require 1 Dream mist to pass.


Agatha is the last Npc to talk to. There will be a rotator battle, this will start Nightmare Quest.

Dream Of Water


Two Dream mist



Once a week you will have to battle 10 mons to remove this whirlpool.

Big Log

In Dream of water, this log will cost 1 Dream mist to remove.


Talk to Mo. He will have you look for his Samurott. Nightmare quest will update.

Dream Of Fire


One Dream Mist

Rock Smash


Inside Dream of Fire, there are 10 stacks of logs needed to build the bridge. Not needed for Darkrai, but very helpful to have.


Inside Dream of Fire, there are three statues you need to talk to in order to drain the lava.


Once you have drained the lava, you will find Myrriane. You will have to battle her three times, with triple battles.


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