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Kanto Bounties

Officer Jenny offers a list of bounties for you to choose from every day. Each of these bounties will give you an XP and Pokédollar reward, and you can select up to 5 to do each day from each Officer Jenny. These bounties are useful for levelling your trainer.

Cerulean City Bounties


Challenge Chad on Route 25Challenge Chad35350
Challenge Kelsey on Route 25Challenge Kelsey30350
Challenge Franklin on Route 25Challenge Franklin30350
Challenge Wayne on Route 25Challenge Wayne35350
Defeat Bellsprout on Route 24/25Defeat Bellsprout30-40300-450
Defeat Bellsprout on Route 5Defeat Bellsprout30-45300-450
Defeat Abra on Route 24/25Defeat Abra35500
Defeat Bellsprout/Venonat on Route 24/25Poison Pokemon Data21-28210-280
Defeat Bugs on Route 24/25Defeat Bugs24-54300-675
Defeat Mankey/Pidgey on Route 5Pidgey and Mankey28-42320-480
Defeat Pidgey on Route 24/25Defeat Birds50350
Defeat Venonat on Route 24/25Defeat Venonat40-50400-500

Cinnabar Island Bounties

Challenge Darrin on Route 20Challenge Darrin65400
Challenge Dean on Route 21Challenge Dean65400
Challenge Irene on Route 20Challenge Irene65400
Challenge Melissa on Route 21Challenge Melissa65400
Challenge Roger on Route 20Challenge Roger65400
Fish Chinchou on Cinnabar IslandDefeat Chinchou56-70580-720
Fish Goldeen on Cinnabar IslandDefeat Goldeen56580
Surf and defeat TentacoolTentacool around Cinnabar56-70500-700
Use Good Rod to defeat PokemonFish around Cinnabar42-70

Fuschia City Bounties

Challenge Alex on Route 15Challenge Alex60400
Challenge Edwin on Route 15Challenge Edwin60400
Challenge Yazmin on Route 15Challenge Yazmin60400
Defeat Nidorina/Nidorino on Route 15Defeat Nidorino36-60390-650
Defeat Spearow on Route 18Defeat Spearow48-60520-650
Fish Magikarp in Fuschia CityDefeat Magikarp48-60520-650

Lavender Town bounties

Challenge Bert on Route 8Challenge Darrin50375
Challenge Herman on Route 10Challenge Dean50375
Challenge Jaren on Route 8Challenge Irene50375
Challenge Julia on Route 8Challenge Melissa50375
Challenge San Do on Route 8Challenge Roger50375
Challenge Trent on Route 10Defeat Chinchou50375
Defeat Gastly in Pokemon TowerDefeat Goldeen30-70375-875
Defeat Meowth on Route 8Tentacool around Cinnabar30-50375-625
Defeat Pokemon on Route 8Fish around Cinnabar24-40300-500
Defeat Snubbull on Route 8Defeat Snubbull30-50375-625

Route 3 Bounties

Challenge Dazey in Mt. MoonChallenge Dazey45300
Challenge Garelt in Mt. MoonChallenge Garelt45300
Challenge Jason on Route 3Challenge Jason45300
Defeat Geodude in Mt. MoonDefeat Geodude27-45285-475
Defeat Spearow on Route 3Defeat Spearow27-36285-380
Defeat Zubat in Mt. MoonDefeat Zubat36-45380-475

Route 10 Bounties

Challenge Alan on Route 9Challenge Alan50375
Challenge Chris on Route 9Challenge Chris50375
Challenge Connor on Route 9Challenge Connor50375
Challenge Drew on Route 9Challenge Drew50375
Challenge Heidi on Route 10Challenge Heidi50375
Defeat Cubone/Geodude in Rock TunnelData from Rock Tunnel18-30165-275
Defeat any kind of Nidoran on Route 10Defeat Nidoran30-40285-380
Defeat Mankey on Route 10Defeat Mankey40-50380-475
Defeat Rattata on Route 10Data from Route 1050300

Vermillion City Bounties

Challenge Braxton on Route 11Challenge Braxton45370
Challenge Dave on Route 11Challenge Dave45370
Challenge Hugo on Route 11Challenge Hugo45370
Challenge Jeff on Route 6Challenge Jeff45370
Defeat Drowzee on Route 11Defeat Drowzee33-44300-400
Defeat Ekans on Route 11Defeat Ekans33-55300-500
Defeat Pidgey/Meowth on Route 6Collect Pokemon Data45-105225-525
Defeat Rattata/Raticate on Route 11Defeat Rattata/Raticate33-44300-400
Fish Magikarp around Vemilion CityDefeat Magikarp24-40240-400
Use the Old Rod to defeat PokemonFish around Vermillion City32-64320-640

Viridian City Bounties

Challenge Joey on Route 1Challenge Joey40300
Challenge Nancy on Route 1Challenge Nancy40300
Challenge Sherman on Route 1Challenge Sherman40300
Challenge Yolo on Route 2Challenge Yolo40300
Defeat Mankey on Route 22Defeat Mankey24-40270-450
Defeat Pidgey on Route 1Defeat Pidgey24-40270-450
Defeat Rattata on Route 1Defeat Rattata32-40360-450
Defeat Sentret on Route 1Defeat Sentret15-30150-300
Defeat Spearow on Route 22Defeat Spearow24-36300-450
Defeat Weedle on Route 2Download Battle Data40300

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