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Unova Bosses

Location: Giant Chasm Crater
Finished Unova Story, HM04

  • Trainer Exp: 135
  • Money: $3100
  • Pokémon: Meloetta Egg
  • Items: Liberty Pass, Shuca Berry , Coba Berry, Payapa Berry, Tanga Berry, Charti Berry, Kasib Berry, Cherish Ball, Premier Ball, Big Mushroom, Balm Mushroom, Max Revive, Max Potion, Rare Candy, Ether, PP Max, Dusk Stone, Sun Stone, TM Calm Mind, TM Wild Charge, Tm Dark Pulse, small gold box, Pokemon EXP Hour, Shiny Hour, Black Sludge

To start this quest, goto Humilau City and head to the Gaint Chasm via Route U22. You will need to get the quest start from the NPC Taori. Once collected, you can press the Go-to button and it will take you back into the chasm (You will need HM04). Once you reach Taora (Grandma), you will battle with her against a team of 5 mons. After the fight, you can hit the Go To again to take you to Kyurem. Depending on the order in which you do the Unova dragons, you will have three options for this fight. Kyurem base form, White Kyurem (after defeating Reshiram), Black Kyurem (After defeating Zekrom).

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