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Hello Trainers!

It has been a while since we have held a community event in game, so we decided to run a hunting event starting Sunday 16-6-2024 2am GST. There are 10 different Pokémon on the list to catch, and if you manage to catch them all, you will win yourself a set of day buffs. The first 50 players to post the qualified Pokémon will win. We will have a special discord channel #Pokeone-hunting-event to post your screenshots of the mons that you catch. Please post all ten screenshots at once, this will help when it comes times to distribute the prizes. Please post all screenshots by Monday 17-6-2024 2am GST.


  • All Pokémon caught have to be from the same Trainer ID.
  • If we find two account from same I.P posted, both accounts will be disqualified.
  • All Pokémon have to have a caught dates of 16-6-2024.
  • Only one account per player can receive rewards
  • First 50 trainers to post will win

Rule Change:
Everyone who shows us the Pokémon from the catch list with today’s date will receive a set of day buffs.

Hunting List

PoliwhirlSwift Swim / Calm
ScytherTechnician / Adamant
HippopotasSand Stream / Impish
ClefairyMagic Guard / Bold
LitleoUnnerve / Timid
RioluInner Focus / Timid
PupitarShed Skin / Adamant
PelipperDrizzle / Bold
HonedgeNO Guard / Adamant
Unown (U)Any

Hunt Event will end in:


This countdown has been ended already!

Good Luck Trainers!

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