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In an exciting month of Pokémon captures and tough competition, participants in the Shiny Pokémon Contest have outdone themselves. Today, we’re thrilled to announce the winners who emerged victorious with their stunning Pokémon. After a month of intense rivalry and impressive entries, the judges had the tough job of picking the top three Shiny Pokémon from a pool of outstanding submissions. Each Trainer showcased dedication and skill, making the decision a testament to the exceptional quality of the entered Pokémon.

  1. IndigoMathi – Shiny Latios
    • Prize: All Week Buffs and 100 Reroll Tokens
  2. Tara – Shiny Tyrunt
    • Prize: One Week Buff of Choice and 75 Reroll Tokens
  3. yewb520 – Shiny Gligar
    • Prize: One Week Buff of Choice and 50 Reroll Tokens

Winners can reach out to Yaaas on Discord to claim their well-deserved prizes. Congratulations to IndigoMathi, Tara, and yewb520 for their outstanding Shiny Pokémon!

Since several of you have asked how we rate the Shiny hunter of the month, we will give you an insight into how we fulfill our rating criteria.
Rate the Shiny Pokemon for the month according to difficulty: how, when, where and how often the Pokemon can be hunted. Can the Pokemon only be obtained from an egg or can I only spawn the Pokémon through a rare drop from a boss, for example? It is also important whether the Pokemon has the right nature and the right abbility. Shiny legendary pokemon don’t count as much in the rating because they can be farmed with one click. This also includes shiny starters.
We only rate by rarity and not by the value of the Pokemon.

Thanks to all Participants

For those who participated earnestly, a gallery showcasing all substantial submissions is available below. Your contributions were invaluable, and we look forward to witnessing even more spectacular Shiny Pokémon in the upcoming months. Thank you to all participants for making this Monthly Shiny Pokémon Contest an unforgettable event. Here’s to another month of exciting Shiny hunting in the vibrant universe of PokeOne!

We would like to emphasize that the jury made their selections subjectively, and we encourage all participants to submit only their best Shiny Pokémon. Each entry was carefully reviewed, and the decision was not an easy one.

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