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Unova Bounties

Icirrus City

Defeat Druddigon Dream of Dragons50500
Defeat Palpitoad on Route U8A Toast to the Toads841400
Get a Plant from Sawsbuck (DST)Antlers Legacy 65650
Defeat Pokemon south of Iccirus City Daily Business841400
Defeat Meinfoo 50500
Challenge Ranger AnnieChallenge Ranger Annie15500
Challenge Parasol Lady MelitaChallenge Parasol Lady Melita15500
Challenge Parasol Lady LumiChallenge Parasol Lady Lumi15350
Challenge Ace Trainer JamieChallenge Ace Trainer Jamie35500
Challenge Ranger Lewis on Route U18Challenge Ranger Lewis 15500

Lacunosa Town

Get shells from Protective Water Pokemon by Fishing on Route on Route U13Protective Pokemon25-60350-840
Defeat Pokemon on the Island (Route U13)Always Worth a Visit40-80800-1600
Defeat Pokemon on the Island A Day at the Beach40-80800-1600
Defeat Solrock and LunatoneSun and Moon40-60400-600
Defeat Golbat and TangelaFlying Tentacles50-100750-1500
Defeat Pokemon on Route U12Everyday’s Work 45-75900-1500
Defeat Pokemon on Route U13A Day at the Beach 40-80800-1600
Defeat Bug PokemonHunting Bugs40800
Challenge Artist Zach Challenge Artist Zach 15500
Challenge Backer Fey Challenge Backer Fey 15500
Challenge Breeder EthelChallenge Breeder Ethel15500
Challenge Fisherman JonesChallenge Fisherman Jones15500
Challenge Breeder Ethel on Route U12Challenge Breeder Ethel 15500

Route U3

Fish Basculin in Striaton ParkUnder The Sea45900
Fish Pokemon In Striaton City 1201400
Defeat 3 Different PokemonWild Training45900
Defeat Purloin or LillipupLike Cat and Dog601200
Defeat Pokemon on Route U3Everyday’s Work 1653300
Defeat Pidove on Route U3Feathers to Learn From1503000
Defeat Wild Pokemon on Route U31803600
Defeat or Catch a Blitzle on Route U3Those Shy Blitzle15300
Challenge Breeder AdelaideChallenge Adelaide15300
Challenge Preschooler Tully Challenge Tully 15300
Challenge Schoolkid MarshaChallenge Marsha15300
Challenge Schoolkid Edgar Challenge Edgar 15300
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