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Unova Bosses

Reshiram is a daily boss in unova, and is part of the Unova Dragon Trio. To start this quest, you will go from Nimbasa City to U5. From there, you will goto Driftveil Bridge Cave. Once inside, you will speak with the NPC Anemonda. She will give you the quest to fight the three npcs before the boss fight with Reshiram.

Location: Driftveil Bridge Cave
Requirements: Finished Story

  • Trainer Exp: 120
  • Money: $2900
  • Pokemon: Landorus Egg
  • Items: Liberty Pass, Money+ Buff Hour, Hidden Ability+ Buff Hour, Gold Box Small , Skull Fossil, Armor Fossil, Ether, PP Max, Rare Candy, Max Revive, Balm Mushroom, Tiny Mushroom, Premier Ball, Cherish Ball, Kasib Berry, Charti Berry, Tanga Berry, Payapa Berry, Coba Berry, Shuca Berry

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