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Unova Dailies

To gain access to the Royal Unova, you must first complete both parts of the main questline for Unova. The entrance can be found in Castelia City, at the port just below the Pokémon center. Speak to Captain Royal who will inform you that there is a $1,000 fee to enter. Average opponent’s Pokémon levels: 65

Once inside, you can speak to Lee or Luv to start the Royal Unova challenge. The only objective is to defeat all of the trainers found in the cabins within the time limit. You only get one attempt to complete the challenge each day, so it is recommended to check through the cabins before starting the challenge to know where the trainers are. The number of trainers as well as the time limit to defeat them all is determined by the current day of the week (according to the daily reset at 10:00 AM UTC):

Sunday: 7 trainers, 490 second time limit
Monday: 4 trainers, 280 second time limit
Tuesday: 5 trainers, 350 second time limit
Wednesday: 4 trainers, 280 second time limit
Thursday: 5 trainers, 350 second time limit
Friday: 4 trainers, 280 second time limit
Saturday: 6 trainers, 420 second time limit

When checking the cabins, there are some regular NPCs placed to try to trick you, but you can tell them apart from trainers as they will not have a trainer class assigned to them (e.g: Chuck vs Ace Trainer Henry).

Trainer XP: 100
Pokédollars: $5,000
Pokémon: Virizion
Items: pending edit, generic medicine items

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