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Sevii Island Sidequests

By completing this quest you will receive the Mystic ticket that will let you travel to Navel Rock and battle Lugia and Ho-oh daily!

– Surf, Strength
– Seven Island, Sevii
– Escape Rope, Repels, Strong pokemon for battles

Tanoby Key

Head to Seven island in Sevii. From the Pokecenter run south, cross the bridge and continue the path south until you come to cave. Enter the Cave.

Inside this cave are 7 statues and each are labeled I – VII (1-7) and you must interact with them in order.

The statues are different for everyone so you will have to figure it out for yourself. Activate the switch for each.

Once you’ve activated all the statues you will have to battle 3 Unowns in a 3v3 battle. Once defeated you will have unlocked the doors of the Tanoby Ruins and will now have the quest “Tanoby Ruins“!

Leave the cave and continue following the path south until you come to the sea.

Tanoby Ruins

Once you’re at the sea you will see Mystic Ugin. During this quest you will have to unscramble words so if you need help you can use to solve them. You will need to defeat 77 unowns in total to complete this quest and there are only 7 of them each day. This will take you a minimum of 11 days.

You can speak to Mystic Ugin to learn how many unowns you’ve defeated so far. I suggest speaking to him before and after starting each day just to be sure you didn’t miss any unowns.

There are 7 ruins in Tanoby ruins. You will need to surf to each of them and solve the anagram to enter

When you’ve entered one of the ruins, travel to the center of the room and interact with the unown. Solve the anagram and a battle will start. Do this for all 7 ruins

Once you’ve completed all 77, go and speak to Mystic Ugin and he will give you you’re reward the Mystic ticket. With this ticket you can now travel to Navel rock to challenge lugia and ho-oh daily!

This is a map that shows all 7 ruins in tanoby ruins.

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