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Glossary, Tips & Tricks

Note: the yellow colored text below contain links with additional information.

Fast Pokemon levelling

At the end-game you can switch train from LVL 1-50 at E4 Kanto / Johto with Pokemon that can oneshot the Pokemons of the first trainer.
Then wild train from 40-50+ at U13 / U14 Dark Grass / Giant Chasm. Finally, you can run solo Unova E4 at 60-70+ if your pokemon can handle any of the pokemon of the trainers there.


Nature is a fixed modifier that increases the stats of Pokemon. You always want your nature to complement your Pokemons best stats and movesets, while lowering a stat that has no relevance to your Pokemon.

Power Items (EV)

Power Items are Held Items that double EV gains, and stack with EV boosts. You can also use these when switch training so you can EV train + lvl up at the same time without needing to visit the specific EV training spots.

Fast EV Training

When EV Training, you can give your pokemon a boost for max 0 to 100 EV points using Vitamins (Protein, Carbos et cetera). You can also equip Power Items and use an EV Buff to maximise EV Gains, and increase it incredibly fast. Read more about it in our IVs, EVs, and Natures guide.

IVs & Reroll Tokens

In PokeOne you can Reroll IVs with Reroll Tokens. When resetting IVs try to avoid using any reroll tokens until you hit 31 on your best stat(s), then lock until you hit 31 on the next ones. Never lock 31s for stats that are not relevant to your Pokemon.

IV Colors

Colors are based on total IV value. Grey 0-47, Green 84-107, Blue 108-131, Purple 132-155, Gold 156-186.


Clean is when a Pokemon IVs are under 30, so unscathed. These Pokemon are typically valued at a lower price, and thus more affordable for most players.

Hidden Ability (HA)

HA stands for Hidden Ability, all pokemon have passive abilities that have an impact on the fights, hidden ones are rare, and are useful for certain Pokemon

HA Evolution

Hidden Abilities and even regular Abilities can change when evolving, so when searching for a Pokemon with a certain ability at a lower evolution, make sure to check its respective name.

Static Pokemon

These are Pokemon that appear visibly on the map. These Pokemon can usually be Shiny Checked or Berry Tricked daily, which means that you can check its nature before deciding to catch them, and run away if they’re not the right nature or not shiny.

Builds / Movesets

You can find all Pokemon PvP builds/movesets on Smogon (Make sure to set it to SM – Sun & Moon) & Don’t forget that there are many different builds (Uber, Monotype, Doubles, 1v1).

Click to View Party Pokemon

You can click any of the Pokeballs in your friends party to view their Pokemon.

Pokemon Order

In Multi-Battles your Pokemon appear in order from RIGHT to LEFT so plan accordingly (e.g. First slot is all the way on the right, second slot is in the middle, third slot is all the way on the left).


Most price efficient healing food in the game, use these when needed to recover your Pokemon after battles when needed.

PP Up/Max

Use these on moves that will run out PP quickly, if in excess just use them on your best moves.

Gold Coins

Currency used for cosmetics or you can exchange your coins for reroll tokens (200 gold per token) at the Battle Frontier in Johto. It’s also possible to convert gold coins into Pokedollars (the only way to directly translate Gold to Pokedollars).

Remover NPC

You can remove items from your Pokemon for 1K at the remover NPC.

Non-OG Trainer XP

If you are not the original trainer of a pokemon you gain a 1.5xp boost. You can trade a recently caught pokemen with a friend, and then level each other’s one up to benefit from this boost then trade back to retain OG trainer status.


Resets every Tuesday, you can type /reset in the in-game chat to see the reset time & dates.

Reset Time

Resets every day at 12:00 CET | 18:00 EST | 21:00 PST.

PokeOne Discord Bot

You can use !learnset on the PokeOne Discord to see how to get each move on a certain Pokemon (Make sure to also check the pre-evolutions as they will inherit those moves, but won’t be listed in later evolutions).

Less Encounters

You can use Pure Incense or Cleanse Tag to have 33% less encounters when a pokemon in your first slot holds one of those items. They’re also easily obtainable via Trade Chat or on the map. Using this on a Sandshrew or other pokemon with Sand Veil can reduce encounter rates even more.

Special Movesets

Some Moves won’t display as learnable movesets, these are usually egg moves, and can be taught anyway (Aqua Jet).

BP Points (Battle Frontier)

Currency used to exchange for (Held) Items or Moves available at the Battle Frontier vendors. One favorable method to gain BP points is in the Battle Castle directly all the way left when you land in Battle Frontier. Select Doubles and use a double AoE team such as Garchomp and Thundurus/Zapdos with Discharge + Earthquake.


Your Pokemons happiness. Fastest way to gain happiness is giving Soothe Bell to pokemon and levelling it, as well as giving it Vitamins + Certain berries.


You can use /help to see an overview of all Commands in the game.

Loot List Thresholds

The more boss kills you get the better loot tables you get access to: Loot list 1 : 0-25 | Loot list 2 : 25-44 | Loot list 3 : 45-74 | Loot list 4 : 74-114 | Loot list 5 : 115

Fossil Exchange

Unova Fossils can be ressurected in Nacrene City, other ones in Cinnabar Island (Old Amber, Helix and Dome Fossils). For more information refer to our Fossils Guide.


Original Trainer.


Pokemon Center.

R10 Cerulean Valley Shortcut

You can talk to the sailor south of the Pokecenter for a shortcut to the Cerulean Valley.

Hidden Power

A move that changes type based on Pokemon IVs, it is available as a TM10 in the game. Click the link to Calculate Hidden Power.

Tools & Handy Images

This is a term used to describe which types your Pokemon Moves are able to hit for super effective damage. Click the link to Calculate Offensive Type Coverage.

Weaknesses and Resistances refer to the Defensive type coverage of your Pokemon, it describes which moves can hit your Pokemon for Super Ineffective (x0.25), Not very Effective (x0.5), Super Effective (x2), Neutral (x1) or Quadruple Super Effective (x4) Damage. Click the link to Calculate Defensive Type Coverage.

You can use this tool to calculate catch rates for Generation 7 (Sun & Moon).

This tool is used to calculate Pokemon Damage.

This tool is used to calculate Pokemon Effort Values.

You can use the tool above to calculate the Stats of Pokemon that scale above level 100.

Useful Pokemon from White Forest

Times per Season in PokeOne

BF Park Tutor Locations

Gregs Gengar Locations

Flocessy Ranch Quest: Find Herdier Locations

Reaching Johto / Kanto / Pokemon league / Mt Silver

Gold teeth and surf locations

Six Sage locations for Unova Quest

  1. Route U18 West of Nuvema Town Exit
  2. Dreamyard (South, Push the boulder into the hole)
  3. Relic Castle Bottom level
  4. Cold Storage in driftveil city (look in the team plasma container)
  5. Chargestone cave bottom floor (magma stone is found here also)
  6. On top of a waterfall south of Undella Town

Philosopher Stone quest gem order

  • Red Ruby
  • Orange Topaz
  • Yellow Citrine
  • Green Emerald
  • Blue Sapphire
  • Purple Amethyst

Johto Safari – How to unlock Forest Zone

Reaching Battle Frontier via Olivine City

How to make a Chat Channel

Character Restyler

How to get Free Eevee

How to make your Pokemon Happy

Headbutt Requirements & Tips

Johto Safari Map

Kanto Safari Map

Move Relearner / Deleters

Rock Climb Pokemon

How to join Trade Chat

How to get the Old Rod

How to get the Good Rod

How to get the Super Rod

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