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This guide will show you the many locations in Johto that you can get trainer EXP from daily. Keep in mind that trainer EXP varies for you based on your current trainer level. So not all EXP listed will be exact matches.

-Champion of Johto
-Trainer EXP+ buff
-Money+ buff

Side Quests

Resident Evil

The Resident Evil side quest is a 5-8 hour long quest based on Resident Evil 1 and has 100% the same story. A funny implementation of Rusty that brings a lot of fun and a lot of trainer experience. By completing it you will unlock a new hunting area and new daily boss and trainers.

Resident Evil Guide


After Elite 4 you will unlock the sidequest Cpt. Jeck Spearow Pirate. On route 32 south-east through the gate a 3-4 hour task is waiting for you that brings a lot of EXP and money. By completing it you will unlock a new hunting area and new daily boss and trainers.

Mystery Island Pirate Quest

Jenny Bounties


You can do 5 bounties per area once per day. In general you get more experience when battling trainers /taking trainer battle bounties.

EXP: ~ 1000 If you complete ALL bounties and choose the most rewarding ones.

Johto Jenny Bounties

Daily bosses


Ho-oh can be found at the top of Bell Tower.

EXP: ~ 200 – 375

Ho-oh boss battle


Lugia can be found at the Whirl Islands that are south of Olivine city.

EXP: ~ 200 – 375

Lugia boss battle


Wesker can be found in the area unlocked by completing the root of evil side quest.

EXP: ~ 295

Wesker boss battle

Jeck Spearow

Jeck Spearow can be found in the area unlocked by completing the Pirates side quest.

EXP: ~ 205

Jeck Spearow boss battle

Hoenn Trio

The Hoenn Trio are located in the Embedded tower which is located in Johto below the Safari.

EXP: ~ 200 – 375

Hoenn Trio boss battle


No items were found matching your selection.

Celebi is unlocked after completing the pre quest. It will be located within Ilex Forest at the shrine.

EXP: ~ 300

Daily Quests

Johto League Daily Rematch

EXP: ~ 500

Johto League Rematch

Miltank Farm

~ 50 Feed Miltank
~ 160 Enraged Tauros
~ 250 Cut corn

Miltank farm

Ruins of Alph Daily Quest

~ 75 Translate Unknowns
~ 50 Translate Statues

Ruins of Alph quests

Battle Frontier

~ 200 Battle Arcade Gold Challenge
~ 200 Battle Factory Gold Challenge
~ 200 Battle Tower Gold Challenge
~ 200 Battle Hall Gold Challenge
~ 200 Battle Castle Gold Challenge
~ 200 Daily Battle Frontier Boss
~ 300 Raz al Ghul (inside BF park)

Locked Suitcase

In Cherrygrove City, on Route 30 or on Route 31 near the water, you can find a locked suitcase every day. To open it you have to defeat some wild Pokemon in the neighboring water to get the key from them to open the case.

EXP: 100

New Bark Town Windmills

In New Bark Town you have to approach the 4 Wind Wheels and set the value that is given. After the 4th wind wheel you will be attacked by electric Pokemon that you have to defeat, these Pokemon are always at trainer level. The enemies are different every day and can be single, double or triple battles.

EXP: 120

Daily NPC battles

Daily NPC Battles

~ 55 Senior Pastelito
~ 55 Gunner Phil
~ 35 Deckhand Berry
~ 706 4 Rusted Zombies
~ 45 Phil
~ 45 Marge
~ 75 Keeper
~ 62 Peaceful Pam
~ 75 Resting Reg
~ 95 Ghost Kian
~ 45 Sailor Pastelito
~ 155 total Blackthorn TR NPCs
~ 185 total Blackthorn yellow flowers

Daily NPC battles in Johto

Addtional exp you can get once

Tides of Time / Silver Wing

No items were found matching your selection.

By completing these quest you will unlock being able to battle Lugia daily

Kimono Girls

By finding all the Kimono girls around Johto and then speaking to them in Ecruteak you will unlock being able to battle Ho-oh daily.

Kimono Girls

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